Having The Earth To The Brink Of Annihilation

Authored by Rick Sterling by means of Oriental Overview,

Western neoconservatives and hawks are driving the intercontinental situation to expanding pressure and hazard. Not content material with the destruction of Iraq and Libya primarily based on bogus claims, they are now pressing for a immediate US attack on Syria.

As a risky prelude, Israeli jets flying about Lebanese airspace fired missiles against the T4/Tiyas Airbase west of Palmyra.

This was Predicted

As described at Tass, the Chief of Russia’s Basic Staff, Valery Gerasimov, predicted the recent gatherings pretty much a month in the past. The report from March 13 claims, “Russia has really hard specifics about preparations for staging the use of chemical weapons from civilians by the federal government forces. Following the provocation, the US ideas to accuse Syria’s federal government forces of utilizing chemical weapons … furnish the so-called ‘evidence’ … and Washington plans to supply a missile and bomb strike towards Damascus’ federal government districts.”

Gerasimov noted that Russian armed forces advisors are keeping in the Syrian Protection Ministry’s amenities in Damascus and “in the occasion of a danger to our armed forces servicemen’s life, Russia’s Armed Forces will get retaliatory steps to concentrate on both the missiles and their shipping motor vehicles.”

The predicament is clearly unsafe with danger of sliding into intercontinental conflict and even WW3. If that happens, it would signify the demise of civilization. All of this so that the West can continue supporting the sectarian armed groups looking for to overthrow the Assad authorities … in violation of worldwide legislation and the UN Constitution.

US President Donald Trump, joined by Protection Secretary Jim Mattis, remaining, Vice President Mike Pence, next from left, and White Residence Main of Team John Kelly, suitable, speaks to the media as he comes at the Pentagon in January 2018

The most effective place in the world is now led by a genuine estate, resort and entertainment mogul devoid of political expertise. Guiding the scenes, there is a powerful foreign plan institution determined to retain and reclaim US unilateral “leadership” of the earth. They really do not like the fact that the US is losing influence, prestige and power all over the globe. Israel and Saudi Arabia are especially upset that their designs for regional domination are failing.

East Ghouta, Damascus

East Ghouta is a district of farms and cities on the north-east outskirts of Damascus. For the previous 6 a long time, numerous armed factions controlled the area. On a almost everyday foundation, they introduced mortar and hell cannon missile attacks into Damascus, killing numerous thousands. This author personally witnessed two these types of mortar assaults in April 2014.

By the conclude of March most of East Ghouta experienced been retaken by the govt. With the peaceful evacuation of armed militants, civilians flooded into the humanitarian corridors and then govt camps for the displaced. The marketing campaign was proceeding quickly with negligible loss of existence as the Russian Reconciliation officers negotiated agreements which authorized the militants to keep small weapons and be transported to Idlib in the north. Vanessa Beeley documented the predicament together with the pleasure and aid of many civilians as they eventually made it to security. One particular described the experience as “like staying reborn”. Robert Fisk was on web site and claimed what he saw very first hand in tales titled Seeing on as Islamist fighters are evacuated from war-torn Eastern Ghouta and Western howls of outrage in excess of the Ghouta siege ring hollow.

As claimed at the Russian Reconciliation Centre, by the conclusion of March, 105,857 civilians had moved into government managed places whilst 13,793 militants furthermore 23,433 loved ones associates had been transported north. Those people who needed to continue to be, which include former fighters, ended up welcomed. They could rejoin Syrian modern society with the similar rights and obligations as other Syrians.

Jaish al-Islam terrorist fighters in East Gouta

The final remaining opposition stronghold was the town of Douma, controlled by the Saudi funded Jaish al Islam. Negotiations ended up prolonged simply because Jaish al Islam did not want to go to Idlib which is dominated by another militant opposition group, Jabhat al Nusra also recognised as Hayat Tahrir al Sham.

The Chemical Incident

On Saturday April 7 video and tales boasting a chemical weapons assault in Douma were broadcast. The online video confirmed dozens of lifeless kids. On Sunday the tale grabbed western mainstream media headlines. US President Trump immediately appear to a conclusion: “President Putin, Russia and Iran are liable for backing Animal Assad. Significant cost to pay”.

There has been no aim investigation. The media claims are centered on statements and video clips from users of the Syrian American Healthcare Modern society (SAMS) and White Helmets. Each companies get important funding from the US govt and simply call for Western intervention in Syria.

Chemical weapons have emerged as the swift and effortless justification for aggression. A person yr in the past, in April 2017, it was the incident at Khan Shaykoun. That resulted in a US assault on a Syrian air base just days later on. The subsequent investigation discovered that dozens of victims experienced demonstrated up in hospitals in various destinations and up to 100 km away from the scene of criminal offense In advance of the event transpired. Surprisingly, and indicating the investigation group bias, this pink flag pointing to fraud was not investigated further. If it was just a couple of victims or just one locale, it may possibly be a miscalculation in time file-keeping. Nevertheless in this situation there ended up dozens of discrepancies in various places, clearly elevating the possibility of fraud.

Now we have the incident in Douma, at city on the outskirts of Damascus. The armed opposition is in retreat. They have tried out to strain the US and NATO to intervene immediately because 2012. They have obtain to chemical weapons in East Ghouta and motive. They also have 1000’s of prisoners. This is the team which place hundreds of prisoners, primarily gals and kids, in cages on the streets of Douma.

Who Positive aspects?

The timing of the chemical weapons incidents is also noteworthy. As documented here, one 12 months ago on 30 March 2017 Ambassador Haley stated the US coverage was no extended centered on having Assad out. 5 times later the chemical incident at Khan Sheikhoun took place, immediately followed by blaming the Syrian govt, a US attack and a restoration of the need that “Assad should go”. On March 29 Trump claimed that US forces will withdraw from Syria “very soon”. This was followed by outcries from the media and political institution. Now, following the Saturday chemical weapons incident, the US is all over again threatening to intervene directly. The chemical weapons incidents have continually resulted in the reversal of a proposed modify in hostility toward Syria.

US Ambassador to UN Safety Council Nikki Haley

Neoconservatives and the supporters of ‘regime change’ overseas plan have different theories why the Assad governing administration would perpetrate a chemical weapons attack. Senator John McCain claims the Syrian President was “emboldened” by the former Trump assertion.

Juan Cole, an educational who promoted the assaults on Libya in 2011, has a unique idea. He states“Chemical weapons are applied by determined regimes that are either outnumbered by the enemy or are hesitant to get casualties in their militaries. Barrel-bombing Douma with chem would seem to have appealed to the routine as a tactic for this rationale. It experienced likely of terrifying the Douma populace into deserting the Military of Islam.” In distinction with his principle, chemical weapons had been utilized thoroughly by the US in Vietnam and Iraq when they were being considerably from determined. As evidenced in the movement of civilians into govt held areas, most of the civilian population are delighted to get absent from the sectarian and violent Military of Islam (“Jaish al Islam”). Cole looks to be basing his theories on inaccurate western media protection just as he did about Libya where sensational promises about a looming massacre in Benghazi were being later demonstrated to be fraudulent.

It’s obvious who rewards from sensational media protection about a chemical weapons incident: people who request to demonize the Syrian govt and President and want the US government to intervene militarily. Every single time there is an incident, it is speedily recognized and made use of by the governments and corporations who have been trying to find ‘regime change’ in Syria for lots of yrs.

Manipulating Community Viewpoint

The manipulation of western view about the Syrian conflict employing phony occasions is not principle it has been demonstrated.  A fantastic instance is the bogus kidnapping of NBC reporter Richard Engel in December 2012.  Engel and his media workforce were being reportedly kidnapped and threatened with loss of life by “shabiha” supporters of the Syrian president. Soon after times in captivity the American team was supposedly rescued by Free Syrian Military “rebels” soon after a shootout. In 2015 it was verified this was a hoax perpetrated by the FSA and their American supporters. The total charade was carried out by the “rebels”. The target was to demonize the Assad federal government and its supporters, and to romanticize and increase guidance for the armed opposition. Neither Engel nor NBC confessed to the fact right until it was about to be uncovered a long time later on, pointing to duplicity and collusion in the deception.

Four and 50 percent years back, on 21 August 2013, the most well known chemical weapons incident transpired. The Syrian authorities was quickly accused of launching a sarin attack which killed hundreds of young children and civilians. Over the next six months investigations ended up carried out. The conclusions of Seymour HershRobert Parry and the investigation site whoghouta.com concluded that the attack was just about absolutely NOT from the authorities but truly from just one of the ‘rebel’ factions with aid from Turkish intelligence services. Two Turkish parliamentary deputies held a press conference and publicly disclosed some of the proof. The intent then, as now, was to provide justification and provocation for the US and NATO to intervene immediately.


Currently there is the imminent likelihood of a important assault primarily based on the allegations of a plainly biased source. What at any time occurred to worldwide law and authorized because of approach? Why is violence being threatened before there is a major aim investigation of the chemical incident? If the accusations versus Syria are accurate, why not have a serious investigation, specifically now that the region has been liberated these days (9 April) and safe and sound accessibility can be provided?

The drums of war are pounding. Soon after above one particular calendar year of incessant Russia bashing and disinformation, is the public ready to go to war with Russia over Syria? Neoconservative hawks and their Israeli and Saudi allies feel to want this. Their designs and predictions for Iraq, Libya and Yemen have been delusional fantasies with the price tag paid in blood by the people of those people international locations and in treasure by Americans as nicely. Sadly, there has not been any accountability for the media and political institution that promoted and introduced these wars. Now they want to escalate the aggression by attacking Syria, creating vastly far more blood to flow and risking confrontation with a state which can fight back again.

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Having The Earth To The Brink Of Annihilation

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