The British isles Government’s Skripal Conspiracy Theory (Or How To Keep A Mass Of Contradictory Feelings In Your Head)

Authored by Rob Slane by way of,

The Formal Narrative on the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal is a selection of illogical promises and assertions that can not be manufactured to in shape together, that make no rational perception, and which would need us to hold a mass of contradictory ideas in our head if we were to accept it. It is in shorter a conspiracy principle, and a specially terrible one particular at that.

As I have pointed out before, I am not trying to counter this conspiracy idea with 1 of my possess. I make no promises to know what occurred in the Skripal incident. I am simply stating that the story that the United kingdom Authorities and media have so far questioned the general public to believe that are unable to be correct, given that it is complete of discrepancies and statements that are not possible to reconcile with the identified specifics.

They are, of system, welcome at any time to present how people contradictions and inconceivable assertions can be reconciled, but until this sort of time as they advance a persuasive and coherent clarification, rational and aim observers shall just have to presume that these contradictions exist for a motive – namely that the formal narrative of what happened in the Skripal scenario is not in truth what genuinely happened in the Skripal situation.

So what specifically are those contradictory components and improbable assertions in the Official Narrative, which position it firmly in the territory of a Extremely Terrible Conspiracy Idea? There are quite a few, but beneath are 10 of the most clear:

1. A lethal nerve agent followed by a drink and a meal

The Official Narrative needs you to believe that not only that Sergei and Yulia Skripal were being poisoned by the military quality nerve agent A-234, a material which is mentioned to be 5-8 10 periods the toxicity of VX nerve agent (which itself has a median lethal dose of 10mg), and the results of which are stated to acquire place within just 30 seconds to two minutes.

…But also that right after coming into contact with this compound, they then used the future four several hours wining and eating in the Town of Salisbury.

2. A deadly nerve agent without having antidote, but where everyone is fantastic

The Official Narrative needs you not only to believe that that Mr and Pass up Skripal had been poisoned by a fatal nerve agent with no recognised antidote (in accordance to Gary Aitkenhead, Chief Govt of Porton Down), and for which treatment method is “practically impossible”, in accordance to The Handbook of Toxicology of Chemical Warfare Agents.

…But also that just a few months later, both of those had been fine and just one of them at least was fit to be discharged from healthcare facility.

3. Signs or symptoms that never match those people manufactured by the substance allegedly made use of

The Formal Narrative involves you to believe that the Skripals had been poisoned by a material which produces the pursuing signs:

“Acetylcholine concentrations then maximize at neuromuscular junctions to lead to involuntary contraction of all skeletal muscular tissues. This then sales opportunities to respiratory and cardiac arrest (as the victim’s heart and diaphragm muscle tissues no for a longer period perform normally) and at last death from heart failure or suffocation as copious fluid secretions fill the victim’s lungs.”

…Yet according to witnesses at the bench in The Maltings, Mr Skripal was earning “strange hand movements”, “looking up to the sky” and “looking out of it” – indicators which strongly suggest poisoning by a hallucinogenic, these as BZ or Fentanyl, and not A-234, which tends to generate dying, somewhat than hallucinations.

4. That Salisbury District Hospital mistook the symptoms of armed service grade nerve agent for opioid poisoning

The Formal Narrative involves you to imagine that the Skripals had been the victims of poisoning by a deadly nerve agent, which produces the signs or symptoms stated earlier mentioned, like “involuntary contraction of all skeletal muscles”, “respiratory and cardiac arrest” and “finally loss of life from coronary heart failure or suffocation.”

…Yet it also necessitates you to think that Salisbury District Hospital wholly mistook the symptoms of nerve agent poisoning for opioid poisoning — even although the signs are extremely different — considering the fact that on the subsequent working day a press release was issued stating that they ended up dealing with the pair for exposure to Fentanyl:

(This, by the way, is incredibly exciting. The screen shot above is the original report on the site of Scientific Solutions Journal, and it can now be discovered on the internet site, The initial piece, however, has since been up-to-date on the Clinical Solutions Journal, not with a correction, but with the reference to Fentanyl being taken off entirely (compare listed here with here h/t Dilyana Gaytandzhiev)

5. A deadly nerve agent that can be dealt with by h2o and toddler wipes

The Formal Narrative involves you not only to think that the substance which poisoned the Skripals is so lethal that Mr Skripal’s property might will need to be demolished and a multi-million pound thoroughly clean-up of Salisbury with chaps in HazMats a necessity.

…But that the exact substance can be addressed with heat drinking water, soap and little one wipes, as evidenced by the tips given by Community Overall health England (PHE) a 7 days just after the incident, to any one who could have arrive into make contact with with it:

“Wash the apparel that you were being wearing in an regular washing equipment applying your common detergent at the temperature encouraged for the clothes. Wipe private items such as telephones, purses and other electronic merchandise with cleansing or toddler wipes and dispose of the wipes in the bin (common domestic squander disposal)… Other objects such as jewelry and spectacles which cannot go in the washing equipment or be cleaned with cleaning or baby wipes, really should be hand washed with heat drinking water and detergent and then rinsed with clean cold water. Make sure you comprehensively clean your hands with cleaning soap and h2o soon after cleansing any goods.”

6. The nerve agent went undetected on a doorway take care of for weeks

The Formal Narrative needs you not only to believe that that the assassins poured “military quality nerve agent”, in liquid variety, on the take care of of Mr Skripal’s front door, and that the British Authorities had possession of an FSB “assassin’s handbook” detailing this course of action.

…But that irrespective of evidently obtaining this handbook, the doorway cope with idea was only talked about extra than three weeks just after the incident, in the course of which time quite a few men and women (these types of as the unsuspecting policewoman at the prime of this piece), came inside of a few toes of a door evidently smeared with deadly nerve agent, with no protecting apparel, and suffered no unwell outcomes.

7. The extremely volatile nerve agent that was even now highly pure months later

The Official Narrative necessitates you not only to think that the compound examined in blood and environmental samples by the OPCW, weeks following the incident was:

“…of superior purity. The latter is concluded from the almost complete absence of impurities.”

…But also that the material applied is regarded to be both unstable and vulnerable to drinking water – and Salisbury definitely experienced plenteous rain and even snow amongst the incident and the coming of the OPCW!

8. That the compound applied is proof of Russian condition culpability

The Formal Narrative calls for you to feel that since the substance allegedly applied was 1st formulated in Russia (basically Soviet Union), there are only two explanations for the poisoning:

  1. It was an act of the Russian state
  2. That the Russian point out missing handle of its shares

…Yet it involves you to imagine this in the whole know-how that not only have other international locations produced it (the United States has been patenting “Novichok” merchandise for years Iran produced it in 2016 and the United Kingdom possesses samples of it), but according to the chairman of the OPCW, Ahmet Uzumcu, A-234 could be made:

“…in any state the place there would be some chemical expertise.”

9. That the actions of Detective Sergeant Bailey on 4th March can not be formally verified

The Formal Narrative needs you to think not only that Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey, who is a member of Wiltshire Legal Intelligence Office (CID), was poisoned with the very same compound as the Skripals.

…But that his movements can not be founded, due to the fact it has nonetheless not been officially confirmed whether he was at the bench in The Maltings or at Mr Skripal’s home (and in place of point, possibly circumstance is remarkably odd, since D.S. Bailey is a member of CID, and there was no recommendation right until at minimum 24 hrs soon after the incident that a crime may have been committed).

10. The cleansing of Salisbury hotspots, but not all Salisbury hotspots  

The Formal Narrative necessitates you to believe that not only that there are parts of Salisbury that may be contaminated with a deadly material, and that this will require a clean up operation involving hundreds of male hours, costing hundreds of thousands, and having months to full.

…But that some of these regions ended up no hazard to the community for a month-and-a-fifty percent, when they were cordoned off with nothing additional than law enforcement tape. In addition, some of the parts that the Skripals were acknowledged to have walked down immediately after evidently coming into get in touch with with the material, such as the Marketplace Stroll, have been absolutely free to the general public to wander by considering the fact that the start off of the incident and continue to be totally open (I know this personally, mainly because as a Salisbury resident, I have walked by way of the Sector Wander in the last few days).

*  *  *

Put all these issues together — and this is not to even point out the present-day situation and whereabouts of the Skripals — and what you have is a principle in which promises are flatly contradicted by standard info, numerous so-identified as facts are simply just not specifics at all, and assertions are made with no any recourse to the actuality on the ground. It is abundantly distinct that the Formal Narrative not only did not occur it can’t have happened. As matters stand it is “highly likely” that what we have been explained to is a conspiracy theory of “high purity”, “of a style made by Whitehall.”

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The British isles Government’s Skripal Conspiracy Theory (Or How To Keep A Mass Of Contradictory Feelings In Your Head)

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