Trump Israel Collusion on Syria

Thinking about the sequence of recent gatherings in the Middle East, it is obvious that the situations about the US withdrawal from the nuclear accord with Iran were being cautiously imagined out in progress, as a pre-arranged strategy to pave the way for escalating Israel’s conflict with Iran and the war in Syria.

In presenting their individual self-serving narrative of lies and distortions that Iran is conducting a ‘secret’ nuclear weapons plan,  Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu and President Donald Trump remain oblivious to the spectacular hypocrisy of their have duplicity and stupidity as if the rest of the earth does not see through their pathological deceits.  In their most recent public shows, both of those pathetically flawed people, trapped in a Matrix of their very own, go on to confuse war with peace and have no clue how to distinguish the change.

Publicly projecting one’s own evil agenda on to an ill-fated population is an previous political trick to deflect interest from one’s personal sins when pointing the finger elsewhere and it would arrive as no surprise to find out that National Safety Advisor John Bolton, who has twin citizenship with Israel, has been the vital choreographer.

Promptly just after Trump’s April 3rdtime to get out of Syria” and ‘carry our troops property” statement, an alleged gas assault occurred on April 7th that was allegedly ordered by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.  That attack was adopted by Netanyahu’s April 30th dog and pony present as a warm up for Trump’s a great deal anticipated announcement withdrawing from the nuclear accord with Iran (JCPOA) on May 8th.  By May possibly 9th, Netanyahu was in Moscow viewing the Russian Victory Working day parade along side Russian President Vladimir Putin.

We can only speculate on the aspects of the Putin-Netanyahu dialogue but it is an not likely  coincidence that Russia’s preceding approach to deliver its innovative S300 floor to air missile procedure to Syria has been put on the backburner and it appears the Russians took no lively purpose to counter the Israeli offensive.

As documented in Haaretz, Netanyahu utilized the previous cliché with Putin that “Israeli has the appropriate to defend itself in the experience of Iranian aggression and as Putin need to be informed, that is smokescreen lingo for Israel will go after its policy of dying and destruction in the course of the Middle East with no apologies to any one and international regulation be damned.

All this of course comes immediately after the US, Israel, Saudis and their proxies experienced a humiliating defeat in Syria many thanks to the Russians in the air and Iranians on the floor, equally of which supplied armed forces support at the request of Assad.

Netanyahu’s assure to supply a ‘new and conclusive proof of a magic formula nuclear weapons software that Iran has been hiding for a long time from the global community in its key atomic archive” proved to be nothing at all far more than a rehash of outdated, useless chatting points.

It was not an oversight that Netanyahu unsuccessful to provide his have details about Israel’s tremendous secret nuclear weapon arsenal which has been kept prime-solution due to the fact the 1960’s. Estimated  at 200 nuclear warheads in a 2016 e-mail by former Secretary of Point out Colin Powell,  previous President Jimmy Carter revised his estimate upwards in 2014 to 300 Israeli nuclear warheads while in 1996 the authoritative Jane’s magazine place the amount at 400 Israel nuclear warheads.   If American intelligence was right in 1986 that Israel experienced 200 nuclear warheads, with a output agenda of ten each year considering the fact that the mid 1970’s, a far more correct present-day estimate could be as higher as 600 Israeli nuclear warheads.

It may well have been worthy of the cost of admission to hear Netanyahu’s reaction to Iran’s Hassan Rouhani’s initial UN pay a visit to as President in 2013 when he named for a ‘nuclear absolutely free zone’ in the Middle East?  Or let’s hear Netanyahu or Trump reveal how Iran signed the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty in 1968 with its Parliament ratifying the Treaty in 1970 whilst Israel has continually refused to indication and refused to let IAEA (Worldwide Atomic Energy Company) inspections of its nuclear facilities?  The NNPT has now been signed by 191 nations, not including Israel.

It is astonishing that soon after his ‘fake news’ testimony ahead of a subservient Congress in 2002, Netanyahu continues to perpetuate the Iran lie nearly phrase for term as he perpetuated the Iraq wmdlie in 2002:

there is no question in any way, that Saddam is seeking and is functioning and is advancing towards the advancement nuclear weapons, no problem by any means – and there is no concern that as soon as he acquires it, background shifts right away…”

Although Trump’s prolonged predicted declaration relied heavily on scare practices, bombast and a barrage of belligerent, unverified accusations citing ‘new evidence’ offered at Netanyahu’s flim-flam party, Trump failed to present one iota of evidence that Iran experienced not been in compliance with the Agreement.  Trump unsuccessful to clarify how makes an attempt to boost the Settlement had failed and totally missed the irony when he dutifully parroted that Iran’s ‘routine has funded a long reign of chaos and terror by plundering the prosperity of its individual persons”as if America’s background of spreading world chaos and terror remains a Deep Point out key.

In hrs of Trump’s inexperienced gentle, Israel initiated a significant bombing assault on Iranian positions in Syria, in accordance to Haaretz, firing from Israeli positions in the disputed Golan Heights in southwest Syria.  The GH, which is in missile selection of Damascus, has been occupied by Israel since the Six Working day War in 1967 and continues to be internationally identified as  Syrian territory.

The IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) noted that its Iron Dome missile defense technique was deployed and intercepted some 20 incoming projectiles in what might have been an unparalleled return volley from Syria which Israel labelled as an ‘act of aggression”.   The Iron Dome technique was constructed for Israel by the American weapons manufacturer  Raytheon and with Congress funding the technique, courtesy of $705 Million from the American taxpayer.

As Israel Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said referring to an amplified US spending budget allotment  for Israel,

“I thank our great mate the United States, which has invested $6.5 billion to protect the skies of the Point out of Israel.”

The speed and ease with which Israel stepped in and took manage has been stunning, demanding the capitulation of Trump and Putin as Israel assumed all the authority to initiate attacks with no dread of reprimand or getting held accountable to anybody.  With the exact assured assurance because the confiscation of Arab lands for Israeli settlements started in 1947, Israel has never ever been a nation that highly regarded diplomatic protocol or honored international law.

Meanwhile, Users of the US Congress continue on to “sit in their areas with vivid, shiny faces.”


Renee Parsons has been a member of the ACLU’s Florida State Board of Directors and president of the ACLU Treasure Coastline Chapter. She has been an elected community formal in Colorado, an environmental lobbyist and employees member of the US House of Representatives in Washington DC. She can be identified on Twitter @reneedove31.

Featured picture is from Israeli Ministry of International Affairs/Flickr.

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Trump Israel Collusion on Syria

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