The Manufacturing and Consumption of Unsafe Genetically Modified (GMO) Food stuff in Nigeria

At the quarterly press briefing of the Association of Catholic Clinical Practitioners of Nigeria (ACMPN), Owerri Archdiocese, on Monday 21st May well, 2018, the chairman Academician Dr Prince Philip C. Njemanze MD (Hons) reaffirmed to all Nigerians the need to have for precautionary method to consuming genetically modified organisms (GMO) meals and planting the crops. The ACMPN Once-a-year Typical Scientific Convention experienced revealed earlier the observations arising from the 12th scientific meeting and once-a-year standard assembly with the concept Genetically-Modified Organisms: How Harmful, Harmless or Valuable?, that took put at the Catholic Institute of West Africa (CIWA), Port Harcourt from 6th to 8th July, 2017. In attendance were being health-related medical professionals, scientific gurus in biotechnology and nourishment primarily those anxious with food stuff security regulation.

The basic consensus was on the will need for precautionary approach to the introduction of GMO crops into our food stuff system. The individuals expressed issue on the rapid introduction of GMO crops into our food items program with no suitable assurance of safety and declared it extremely immoral and a risk to foodstuff protection.

Authorities agree that foodstuff basic safety certification commonly takes a number of a long time since results just take place at molecular genetic stage before subsequent scientific manifestation. It is thus irresponsible for any corporation or affiliation, professional medical or scientific to give a danger cost-free certification for any GMO crop to be made use of as food prior to extensive-phrase consequences monitoring and continuing experimentation. Also, scientific scientific studies in animals fed with GMO food items have proven detectable biological variations of mobile transformation into most cancers cells or other varieties of biochemical malfunction leading to liver failure and kidney failure. Experiments in people display strong affiliation of GMO meals with allergic reactions and psychological health conditions such as autism spectrum ailments.

The provision of unsafe food stuff is no option to hunger, but instead outcomes in even better well being hazards. The use of transgenic crops which indicates altering genetic materials could be utilised for fantastic and lousy purposes. For case in point, the insertion of a sterilizing gene termed Epicyte gene in Corn flex could sterilize children of college age employing Corn flex in a school feeding programme, major to decline of generations of folks in Nigeria. These genetic alterations are not reversible. There should really be heightened awareness to meals protection in universities with feeding courses. What’s more, university feeding poisoning linked to insecticides have happened in India.

Authorities deplore the unacceptable influx of GMO crops and foodstuff into Nigeria. Nigeria is a signatory to the United Nations Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety, which is a legally binding protocol to the Conference on Biological Diversity (CBD) adopted by unanimous consent with 135 nations present. The Protocol covers the “trans-boundary movement, transit, handling and use of all living modified organisms that may possibly have adverse consequences on the conservation and sustainable use of biological range, having into account threats to human health”.

The Nigerian Federal government recognized the Countrywide Biosafety Administration Company (NBMA) in 2015 to give a regulatory framework, institutional and administrative system for basic safety measure in the software of present day bio-technological know-how in Nigeria with a look at to blocking any adverse outcome on human health, animals, vegetation and the atmosphere. However, the NMBA is grossly unwell-outfitted, understaffed and has no present potential to conduct her mandate. This is unlucky given that foodstuff security is the most crucial of all nationwide security fears. The ACMPN consequently advocates greater funding for devices and higher degree of human sources preparedness for the NMBA.

ACMPN affirms that none of the key problems that Nigeria faces in the agricultural sector can be addressed by deploying GMO or Hybrid seeds in the fields. The challenges mitigating towards progress of agriculture (poor transportation, land reform, lack of features in rural agricultural options, lack of irrigation technological know-how, lack of fertilizer, lousy use of organic farming, lack of preservation engineering, lousy value management, poor export and import controls, lack of subsidies and financial loans, getting old manpower, lack of energy, societal notion, and many others) would not be dealt with by deploying GMO or Hybrid crops. Alternatively, new and more intricate issues could be introduced like extended-time period environmental and wellbeing dangers (cancers, allergy symptoms, infertility, autism spectrum problems, ecosystem disequilibrium), which has been shown by many groups of researchers in proof-based mostly experiments. Related precautions have been issued in a report on GMO by a scientific experts’ committee setup by Catholic Bishops’ Convention of Nigeria (CBCN) along with the Nigerian Supreme Council on Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) underneath the aegis of the Nigerian Inter-Religious Council (NIREC).

Lengthy stay the Federal Republic of Nigeria. In God we belief to keep us safe and sound.


Academician Dr Philip C. Njemanze MD

Committee Chair


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The Manufacturing and Consumption of Unsafe Genetically Modified (GMO) Food stuff in Nigeria

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