US Officially Resumes Funding For The White Helmets In Syria

In a relatively astonishing but not entirely unpredictable convert, President Trump has approved new funding for the White Helmets which experienced earlier been place on keep. 

A Point out Department push release puts the first funding determine at $6.6 million to carry on what it calls “the crucial, life-conserving functions of the Syrian Civil Protection, a lot more normally identified as the White Helmets.” Somewhere else on the Condition Department’s web-site the group is referenced as “initially responders” in Syria nevertheless, it continues to be an indisputable reality that the group only operates in al-Qaeda and anti-Assad insurgent held territory.

The statement proceeds: “The United States Govt strongly supports the White Helmets who have saved additional than 100,000 lives since the conflict started such as victims of Assad’s chemical weapons assaults.”

In early Might the Trump State Department froze funding to the controversial assist team which experienced delivered the sole proof that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad reportedly employed chemical weapons on his personal people in an April 7 attack on the metropolis of Douma. 

The prior funding freeze dealt a enormous blow to the group’s standing, previously extended less than fireplace after several video clips emerged proving the White Helmets run closely alongside know al-Qaeda terrorist teams, and have even participated in al-Qaeda execution video clips typically in a assist part of disposing the bodies. 

As CBS News documented at the time:

Getting not acquired U.S. funding in new weeks, White Helmets are questioning what this implies for the long term. They have obtained no formal declaration from the U.S. government that the financial aid has arrive to a whole halt, but the group’s individuals on the ground in Syria report that their cash have been slash off. 

Significantly speculation abounded at the time in excess of no matter if the freeze was a bureaucratic mistake in paperwork, or whether or not it was the outcome of the White House adopting a diverse view of the scandal-laden team.

Screenshots from a four-minute video documents that the US govt has been lying about the White Helmets’ position as mere “1st responders”. Over they are seen assisting al-Nusra Entrance (AQ in Syria) in an execution which the group later on owned up to. 

Immediately after all in 2016 the US State Department had blocked entrance into the United States by Raed Saleh, the head of the White Helmets, and refused to say why. Saleh had been invited to acquire in NYC an award by USAID and NGOs that the US federal government finances, but he was barred at the airport, evidently since the FBI experienced placed him onto its no-fly listing as a identified terrorist.

For this cause quite a few analysts who have been significant of the group’s identified terror ties and penchant for “boosting” and maybe staging films were hopeful that Trump experienced transformed his tune relating to the group. In the summer months of 2017 Trump introduced he was shutting down the CIA covert plan to assist rebels in Syria just after he observed a shocking online video of CIA-supported fighters decapitating a young boy in Aleppo.

In an irony which will definitely be missing on all mainstream pundits, the quite team featured in the appalling beheading online video which reportedly induced Trump to nix the CIA system, Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zenki, has been filmed in multiple Uk Channel 4 broadcasts performing carefully with the White Helmets

* * *

About very last April’s alleged Assad chemical assault, the proof furnished by the White Helmets was applied by the West to justify several airstrikes on Syrian scientific and army facilities during April – the initial a person conducted on Syria’s T4 airbase by Israel 48 hrs immediately after the White Helmets’ report. Lots of Douma citizens, meanwhile – which include Clinic staff, say the chemical attack never ever transpired.

The White Helmets are a 3,000 member NGO formally recognized as the Syrian Civil Protection. Established in “late 2012 – early 2013” just after a team of 20 Syrians were trained and structured by former British military officer James Le Mesurier. The group then received funding from Le Mesurier’s Netherlands-based non-income group, Mayday Rescue – which is in switch funded by grants from the Dutch, British, Danish and German governments.

The US has in the past provided at least $32 million to the team – around 1/3 of their whole funding – through a USAID scheme orchestrated by the Obama State Department and funneled to the White Helmets using a Washington D.C. contractor participating in USAID’s Syria regional method, Chemonics. 

According to their web page, the White Helmets have been immediately funded by Mayday Rescue, and a company called Chemonics, considering that 2014.

Nonetheless there’s evidence that the two of individuals companies started supporting the White Helmets back again in early 2013, correct about the time the White Helmets declare to have formed as self-organized teams.

Mayday Rescue, as we stated, is funded by the Dutch, British, Danish and German governments. And Chemonics?

They are a Washington, D.C. based mostly contractor that was awarded $128.5 million in January 2013 to support “a tranquil changeover to a democratic and stable Syria” as element of USAID’s Syria regional plan. At minimum $32 million has been provided directly to the White Helmets as of February 2018. –TruthInMedia

So the US, Dutch, British, Danish and German governments have been funding the White Helmets, a non-governmental group, through proxies for about 5 yrs.

* * *

Meanwhile Russian Defense Ministry Spokesman Igor Konashenkov warned early this 7 days that US-backed Absolutely free Syrian Army (FSA) forces are planning a “major provocation” aimed at justifying a new round of Western coalition missile assaults against Syrian federal government bases and amenities.

Russia states it is knowledgeable of the existence of a online video which will be utilized to “establish” an Assad chemical attack, very similar to the films which have emerged in earlier functions. 

Konashenkov, in a assertion carried by Russian state-operate TASS and subsequently highlighted in a Just one The us News report, said “According to the information and facts confirmed as a result of three impartial channels in Syria, the command of the so-named ‘Free Syrian Army’ aided by the forces of the US distinctive ops models are planning a major provocation involving chemical warfare agents in the Deir ez-Zor province.

Russia has in the previous pointed the finger at the White Helmets from staging this sort of “provocations”. 

“Immediately after remaining printed in western media a staged movie is set to initiate a missile strike on Syria’s state amenities by the US-led coalition and justify an offensive operation by militants versus Syrian governmental forces on the jap financial institution of the Euphrates River,” he claimed, introducing that Russia’s Protection Ministry warns that the use of this kind of provocations for destabilization of the natural environment on the Syrian territory is unacceptable.

Possibly present day announcement of the resumption of US funding for the White Helmets is just the commencing of an additional important “occasion” which will justify extra Western armed service intervention in Syria?

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US Officially Resumes Funding For The White Helmets In Syria

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