And Just Like That… The Mueller Investigation Was About

Authored by Kurt Nimmo via One more Working day In The Empire blog site,

The company media is reporting intrepid crusader Robert Mueller is preparing to do a Pontius Pilate on his unique council investigation of Russia and the Trump marketing campaign. 

According to WaPo, Mueller has beefed up his staff with a number of prosecutors and the position of prosecuting Russian nationals for supposedly influencing the 2016 election will be fobbed off on them.

“The Submit reviews that the new hires are the initially indication of Mueller getting ready for the stop of his investigation,” WaPo documented.

The Trump element is in the approach of undertaking a disappearing act in slow motion. The investigation petered out months in the past. Democrats continued to pound on it. Simply because it’s all they have. The establishment Resistance operate by Pelosi and Schumer is treading water and seeking toward the midterms. 

It is like simple math. There is no evidence Trump or his associates colluded with Putin and the Russians to somehow – by means of the exaggerated affect of social media – throw the election in his favor. 

This nonsense was dispelled early on. 

It’s genuine. Enterprising Russians ran a profitable clickbait plan on social media – just like hundreds of other entrepreneurs. It took the the Democrats – fresh new off a humiliating defeat to a on line casino and true estate windbag – to make up a fantasy deserving of a novel low cost bin.  

Establishment Dems counted on the company media to whip up the demanded hysteria and frenzy among the already hysterical and frenzied liberals. Numerous evidently sought trauma counseling following the election. 

Even with the media lavishing coverage on the Mueller investigation, it has unsuccessful to do significantly of anything other than get Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, and some others in problems – not for doing work less than Putin’s route to get the MAGA prospect elected, but for alleged financial institution fraud and violation of campaign finance laws. 

This is very plan stuff in Washington.

Mueller doesn’t have a case and he knows it. Now he will help you save experience by passing off the investigation to underlings. 

Meanwhile, the rest of us get respite – right up until the up coming drummed up load of horse manure masquerading as superior crimes and misdemeanors seems on the scene. 

Not to fear. There are usually tales of political intrigue to fascinate the proles – for fifteen minutes at least – and distract from the serious issues: endless war and a bankster rigged financial system slowly but surely turning The usa into a third environment cesspool. 

I am celebrating this conclusion

I am celebrating that it will typically disappear from the news cycle.

I am celebrating petulant Democrats struggling an additional defeat and also celebrating denying self-righteous Republicans a prospect to climb up on their soapboxes. 

Of course, they’ll arrive up with a little something else, they usually do. 

The establishment political class is not about to halt rolling out distractions that are improperly planned political theater stunts that could use much better composing and managerial techniques.

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And Just Like That… The Mueller Investigation Was About

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