It is the Incorrect Park! How the Ducks Increase Some Major Queries in the Skripals Salisbury Poisonings

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In accordance to the Metropolitan Law enforcement investigation into the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal, below is a timeline of activities on 4th March:

  • 13:40: Sergei and Yulia arrived at the Sainsbury’s higher amount car or truck park in The Maltings. The pair go to The Mill pub.
  • Around 14.20: They eat at Zizzi cafe on Castle Street
  • 15:35: They leave the restaurant
  • 16:15: Emergency solutions are referred to as by a member of the public to the bench wherever Sergei and Yulia are slumped on a bench

So: car or truck park, pub, restaurant, bench. Simples? Not so, as we shall see.

On 28th March, an posting appeared in the Sunshine, which talked about a 12-yr-old boy from Salisbury, Aiden Cooper, who was evidently in a park with his mom and dad, when he noticed the Skripals and went over to them to feed the ducks:

“A schoolboy explained to yesterday how he was caught up in the poison spy drama just after assassination target Sergei Skripal gave him bread to feed ducks. Aiden Cooper, 12, was enjoying in a park with friends when they observed Skripal and daughter Yulia beside a stream. They were being handed bread and are between the very last persons to have had contact with the retired Russian armed forces intellig­ence colonel, now fighting for his life.

Of study course, I would often want to have a huge bucket of salt on standby when studying nearly anything in The Sun, but in this circumstance I see no rationale why they, or the people quoted in the write-up, would make this up. In any situation, the story was recurring in a number of other retailers (The Mirror, The Mail and Metro for occasion), and it mentions that the parents only located out about the identity of the breadman when they ended up contacted by police.

Now, the attention-grabbing matter about The Mirror, The Mail and Metro pieces is that they are all both really wrong or quite imprecise about a fairly important depth. The Mirror and The Mail both equally tell us that the incident took position “near the Avon Playground”. And Metro tells us that the incident took spot at “Riverside Park”.

For these of you not common with Salisbury, let me drop some light. The Avon Playground described by The Mirror and The Mail is following to the Avon River, and it is also about 50 yards or so from the bench where the Skripals ended up found (as an aside, this is not the exact Avon as in Stratford-on-Avon. Avon is a Celtic term this means river). As for Riverside Park pointed out by Metro, this might be a figment of their creativity, as no this kind of named park exists in Salisbury. But the essential position is that from the information offered in these posts, no one would consider just about anything other than that the duck-feeding incident took place in the exact same park as the bench on which the Skripals were observed.

Still all 3 of these media retailers are completely wrong, and in a way that may well very well be really considerable. Turning again to the report in The Sun, we uncover that it is by significantly the most in-depth of all the studies on the duck incident. In actuality, it appeared 3 times soon after the other folks appeared, with The Sun sending a reporter to interview the boy and his mothers and fathers. Right here is a snippet:

“Aiden and his pals are considered to be the youngest of 130 uncovered to the nerve agent Novichok, stated to have been unleashed in Salisbury by President Vladimir Putin

Aiden’s relatives had been alerted following cops traced him from CCTV photos.

Aiden’s civil engineer father Luke, 33, claimed: ‘Obviously we had found the incident on the news but did not believe we ended up included at all. Aiden was enjoying in the park with his pals when they spotted the Russian gentleman and his daughter. Youngsters remaining kids they went about and he gave them some bread and they fed the ducks. We did not consider anything at all of it until eventually two months later on when then the police knocked on our door.’

It was terrifying. We took Aiden to hospital for a load of tests and then the police explained to us they had to burn off every little thing Aiden was wearing that day.’”

So presumably, Aiden and his close friends were witnessed on camera, as was Sergei Skripal and perhaps Yulia, and this was on 4th March. We aren’t explained to when in the working day this was, but specified that the police traced the family, and Aiden then experienced to go to hospital, it evidently need to have been just after the police claim Mr Skripal arrived into call with nerve agent on his door take care of.

But here’s the significant reality (I am indebted to a girl who contacted me to point it out, and I need to say I kicked myself for not possessing realised it just before). Not like the media retailers outlined earlier mentioned, The Sunlight doesn’t point out the identify of the park, but the piece is accompanied by four photos of Aiden with his dad and mom in the park in which they observed the Skripals, and certainly one particular of them has the caption “Aiden with his moms and dads by the pond wherever he spoke to Skripal”. Listed here is one of the shots:

But do you know something? This is not the Avon Playground. It isn’t even the non-existent Riverside Park. Do you want to know the place it is? It comes about to be Queen Elizabeth Gardens.

Why is this essential? As you are possibly knowledgeable, Queen Elizabeth Gardens is now a focal position of Skripal 2., as it is alleged to be the put in which Dawn Sturgess, who has now sadly handed away, picked up a syringe or a container with the harmful compound in. And although I’m not solely absolutely sure irrespective of whether the spot of the duck incident becoming in Queen Elizabeth Gardens, instead than the Avon Playground, has any bearing in phrases of the situations them selves, it does raise 3 massive queries:

First of all, according to the Metropolitan Police timeline at the best of this piece, there is no point out of Mr Skripal and Yulia going to Queen Elizabeth Gardens. Why is this, considering that according to the mothers and fathers of Aiden Cooper, the police understood that they experienced been there, possessing seen footage of them feeding the ducks with their son and his friends?

Secondly, if the law enforcement realized that Mr Skripal and Yulia had been in Queen Elizabeth Gardens, and that this was soon after they have been poisoned (as they assert), why was Queen Elizabeth Gardens not shut off promptly and subject to a clear-up procedure, as have been other places in the Town wherever the Skripals had been recognized to have visited?

Thirdly, assuming the most up-to-date official narrative, did the failure to close off and thoroughly clean up Queen Elizabeth Gardens back again in March, when it was identified the Skripals had been there, make it more or less possible that someone would come into contact with the alleged nerve agent container at some issue?

These are major concerns. I consider you will concur that they ought to have severe answers.



One or two opinions propose that a map would be helpful. Yet again, I am indebted to the lady who pointed the Queen Elizabeth Gardens link out to me, who has helpfully established a map with the primary areas of interest (see under).

Can I just caution about just one detail nevertheless. The place of my post was not to test and get the job done out whether Queen Elizabeth Gardens is vital as regards the initial circumstance. I think we could go down countless rabbit holes making an attempt to do the job out where by the Skripals went, when they went there, and what this may possibly mean. Unfortunately, we just do not know this, as there is way too a lot info that we are not occasion to.

What I am striving to do at the moment is exploit holes in the official tale (of which there are much more than a number of). The police have not included QEG in their timeline, and nevertheless they apparently know that the Skripals ended up there that working day. Why have they not involved it? Why did they not near the Gardens down? And experienced they accomplished so, could this have prevented other individuals from coming into get hold of with the compound?

I am not indicating that I necessarily assume there was a compound there. There may well or may well not have been. Having said that, the stage is that the authorities are stating this and yet individuals same authorities seemingly know that the Skripals have been there on 4th March, but have hushed this up. Therefore, we need to have to transform up the quantity on it and they will need to demonstrate on their own.


All illustrations or photos in this report are from the creator.

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It is the Incorrect Park! How the Ducks Increase Some Major Queries in the Skripals Salisbury Poisonings

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