It’s The Mistaken Park! How The Ducks Elevate Some Serious Thoughts In The Salisbury Poisonings

Authored by Rob Slane by way of,

According to the Metropolitan Law enforcement investigation into the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal, here is a timeline of events on 4th March:

13:40: Sergei and Yulia arrived at the Sainsbury’s upper degree motor vehicle park in The Maltings. The pair go to The Mill pub.

Close to 14.20: They eat at Zizzi restaurant on Castle Avenue

15:35: They depart the cafe

16:15: Emergency solutions are named by a member of the public to the bench wherever Sergei and Yulia are slumped on a bench

So: motor vehicle park, pub, cafe, bench. Simples? Not so, as we shall see.

On 28th March, an posting appeared in the Sunlight, which talked about a 12-calendar year-previous boy from Salisbury, Aiden Cooper, who was evidently in a park with his moms and dads, when he noticed the Skripals and went around to them to feed the ducks:

“A schoolboy advised yesterday how he was caught up in the poison spy drama soon after assassination concentrate on Sergei Skripal gave him bread to feed ducks. Aiden Cooper, 12, was participating in in a park with pals when they noticed Skripal and daughter Yulia beside a stream. They were being handed bread and are among the last folks to have experienced contact with the retired ­Russian navy intellig­ence colonel, now combating for his lifetime.

Of program, I would normally want to have a significant bucket of salt on standby when examining something in The Sunshine, but in this circumstance I see no motive why they, or the men and women quoted in the write-up, would make this up. In any scenario, the story was recurring in a amount of other retailers (The MirrorThe Mail and Metro for occasion), and it mentions that the mom and dad only discovered out about the identification of the breadman when they ended up contacted by police.

Now, the interesting matter about The Mirror, The Mail and Metro items is that they are all either extremely improper or extremely imprecise about a rather crucial detail. The Mirror and The Mail equally tell us that the incident took put “near the Avon Playground”. And Metro tells us that the incident took position at “Riverside Park”.

For all those of you not common with Salisbury, allow me drop some light. The Avon Playground mentioned by The Mirror and The Mail is following to the Avon River, and it is also about 50 yards or so from the bench where by the Skripals have been found (as an aside, this is not the very same Avon as in Stratford-upon-Avon. Avon is a Celtic phrase meaning river). As for Riverside Park mentioned by Metro, this may perhaps be a figment of their imagination, as no these named park exists in Salisbury. But the essential level is that from the aspects presented in these articles or blog posts, no person would believe everything other than that the duck-feeding incident took position in the exact park as the bench on which the Skripals ended up observed.

Nevertheless all 3 of these media retailers are wrong, and in a way that may perhaps very well be extremely considerable. Turning back again to the report in The Sunshine, we uncover that it is by far the most detailed of all the reports on the duck incident. In fact, it appeared three days after the others appeared, with The Sunlight sending a reporter to job interview the boy and his parents. In this article is a snippet:

“Aiden and his pals are assumed to be the youngest of 130 exposed to the nerve agent Novichok, said to have been unleashed in Salisbury by President Vladimir Putin

Aiden’s relatives ended up alerted after cops traced him from CCTV photos.

Aiden’s civil engineer dad Luke, 33, claimed: ‘Obviously we experienced found the incident on the information but did not consider we were being involved at all. Aiden was playing in the park with his good friends when they noticed the Russian gentleman and his daughter. Children staying young ones they went more than and he gave them some bread and they fed the ducks. We didn’t think anything at all of it till two weeks afterwards when then the police knocked on our door.’

It was terrifying. We took Aiden to hospital for a load of tests and then the law enforcement explained to us they experienced to burn off every thing Aiden was sporting that day.’”

So presumably, Aiden and his buddies had been seen on digicam, as was Sergei Skripal and maybe Yulia, and this was on 4th March. We aren’t told when in the day this was, but supplied that the law enforcement traced the family members, and Aiden then experienced to go to healthcare facility, it obviously have to have been just after the law enforcement assert Mr Skripal came into get hold of with nerve agent on his door manage.

But here’s the major reality (I am indebted to a lady who contacted me to position it out, and I must say I kicked myself for not obtaining realised it right before). As opposed to the media stores talked about earlier mentioned, The Sun doesn’t mention the name of the park, but the piece is accompanied by four pictures of Aiden with his mom and dad in the park where they observed the Skripals, and without a doubt a person of them has the caption “Aiden with his parents by the pond where he spoke to Skripal”. Below is a person of the shots:

But do you know a little something? This is not the Avon Playground. It isn’t even the non-existent Riverside Park. Do you want to know in which it is? It takes place to be Queen Elizabeth Gardens.

Why is this crucial? As you are almost certainly aware, Queen Elizabeth Gardens is now a focal position of Skripal 2., as it is alleged to be the place where Dawn Sturgess, who has now regrettably passed away, picked up a syringe or a container with the poisonous substance in. And while I’m not entirely certain no matter whether the spot of the duck incident being in Queen Elizabeth Gardens, somewhat than the Avon Playground, has any bearing in terms of the situations by themselves, it does increase a few large concerns:

To start with, according to the Metropolitan Law enforcement timeline at the top rated of this piece, there is no point out of Mr Skripal and Yulia heading to Queen Elizabeth Gardens. Why is this, since according to the dad and mom of Aiden Cooper, the law enforcement knew that they experienced been there, obtaining noticed footage of them feeding the ducks with their son and his mates?

Secondly, if the police knew that Mr Skripal and Yulia had been in Queen Elizabeth Gardens, and that this was immediately after they were being poisoned (as they declare), why was Queen Elizabeth Gardens not shut off quickly and issue to a clear-up operation, as had been other places in the Metropolis in which the Skripals ended up recognised to have visited?

Thirdly, assuming the most recent formal narrative, did the failure to shut off and clear up Queen Elizabeth Gardens again in March, when it was identified the Skripals had been there, make it more or fewer probable that a person would occur into get hold of with the alleged nerve agent container at some issue?

These are severe thoughts. I consider you’ll concur that they are worthy of really serious solutions.


A person or two comments advise that a map would be practical. Yet again, I am indebted to the lady who pointed the Queen Elizabeth Gardens relationship out to me, who has helpfully designed a map with the major locations of interest (see under).

Can I just warning about a person matter nevertheless. The point of my article was not to consider and perform out no matter whether Queen Elizabeth Gardens is crucial as regards the authentic circumstance. I believe we could go down unlimited rabbit holes trying to do the job out exactly where the Skripals went, when they went there, and what this could possibly suggest. Unfortunately, we simply just do not know this, as there is too much data that we are not celebration to.

What I am hoping to do at the moment is exploit holes in the formal tale (of which there are much more than a couple of). The law enforcement have not integrated QEG in their timeline, and yet they evidently know that the Skripals had been there that working day. Why have they not included it? Why did they not near the Gardens down? And experienced they completed so, could this have prevented many others from coming into make contact with with the compound?

I am not expressing that I always consider there was a compound there. There might or may not have been. Having said that, the stage is that the authorities are saying this and nonetheless all those exact same authorities evidently know that the Skripals were being there on 4th March, but have hushed this up. Therefore, we want to turn up the volume on it and they need to describe on their own.

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It’s The Mistaken Park! How The Ducks Elevate Some Serious Thoughts In The Salisbury Poisonings

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