NATO Summit Declaration. Hostile to Russia, Signed by All Member States

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Next day-one of July 11 and 12 summit talks in Brussels, NATO issued a declaration, signed by all member state leaders, together with Trump and Turkey’s Erdogan.

It’s unacceptably hostile to Russia – “accusing us of provocative activities and…gnashing its enamel,” in accordance to its International Ministry.

The  lengthy declaration, well prepared forward of the summit, accused Russia of occupying Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova. It turned truth on its head boasting Moscow “illegitimate(ly) annex(ed) Crimea.” A even further litany of Massive Lies about Russia followed.

The summit declaration criticized Moscow’s legit defensive armed service pursuits in its very own territory, threatening no one – contrary to US-dominated NATO, threatening earth peace and balance, waging endless wars of aggression versus sovereign nations.

The declaration accused Russia of “aggressive actions, which include the risk and use of force to achieve political ambitions, problem the Alliance and…undermining Euro-Atlantic stability and the procedures-based mostly intercontinental order” – a bald-confronted lie!

It pretended opposition to “(t)errorism in all its sorts and manifestations” its member states assistance, greatly arming ISIS and likeminded jihadists, utilizing them as imperial proxies in Syria, Iraq and somewhere else.

The declaration turned reality on its head, claiming

“NATO…strive(s) for peace, stability, and balance in the total of the Euro-Atlantic area…united in our determination to…the purposes and principles of the Constitution of the United Nations.”

Polar reverse is legitimate. US-dominated NATO aggression exhibits what the alliance is all about – hostile to what it promises to aid.

NATO is an intense imperial alliance, not a “defensive” one particular as falsely claimed. There are no external threats from its customers – almost nothing justifying its existence.

Claiming the alliance “face(s) a hazardous, unpredictable, and fluid stability surroundings, with enduring challenges and threats from all strategic instructions from condition and non-condition actors from army forces and from terrorist, cyber, and hybrid attacks” is a bald-confronted lie.

So is accusing Russia of “aggressive steps, which includes the menace and use of drive to achieve political targets.”

Chilly, hard fact is inimical to NATO’s belligerent agenda. A phony Russia risk, a phony terrorist menace, and so forth are practical pretexts for continuing a US-dominated alliance, applied as an instrument of its intense imperial agenda.

Forward of summit talks, hawkish neocon US envoy to NATO, former senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, turned reality on its head boasting Moscow is seeking to “flip” Turkey and other alliance users, incorporating the Kremlin “want(s) to destabilize the strongest defense alliance in the background of the world” – a killing device, she unsuccessful to clarify.

As long as NATO exists, infinite US-led wars of aggression will continue on. Globe peace and security will continue being unattainable.


Stephen Lendman is a Exploration Associate of the CRG, Correspondent of World-wide Investigation dependent in Chicago.

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NATO Summit Declaration. Hostile to Russia, Signed by All Member States

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