The Mainstream Media, The Consequences of Nuclear War and the Generate Towards WW III

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For numerous months substantially of the mainstream media world-vast, which include broadcasters, been warning of probable concessions in the negotiations involving the US and North Korea and in between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, lest critical pursuits of the west are compromised. In the method little has been stated about the alternate for these types of negotiations and likely agreements, specifically a nuclear holocaust on a regional to a world-wide scale, with repercussions that belong to the unthinkable (see this, this and this). In this context, a picture is emerging relating to the priorities of the US President: On the 1 hand he tends to favor authoritarian undemocratic leaders and regimes on the other hand he may possibly want to sort a pact with Russia, averting a suicidal nuclear war.

The Castle Bravo Hydrogen bomb

It is not crystal clear what some of the mainstream media is worried about?

The assumption is made as if the environment is break up into light-weight and dark, excellent and undesirable, with a full demonization of one of the adversaries with whom no agreements should really be dependable?

Or, are peace agreements fewer newsworthy and promote much less newspapers than conflict and wars? Or is it connected with vested interests, specifically a reduction in the world armament production and trade lowering income, consequent to peace agreements? 1 matter is apparent, when a pro-war atmosphere is promoted, as for example prior to WWI, the probabilities of a war going on are multiplied, 

Not often do the mainstream media report the complete penalties of a nuclear war, just as they hardly ever report on the full consequences of runaway world warming. 

A summary of the repercussions: U.S.-Russian war developing 150 million tons of smoke follows 

  • 2600 U.S. and Russian strategic nuclear weapons on high-inform are released, in 2 to 3 minutes, at targets in the U.S., Europe and Russia and other targets considered to have strategic benefit. Some portion of the remaining 7600 deployed and operational U.S. and Russian strategic nuclear warheads/weapons are also introduced and detonated in retaliation for the initial assaults.
  • Huge amounts of radioactive fallout would be generated and unfold the two domestically and globally. The focusing on of nuclear reactors would noticeably improve fallout of prolonged-lived isotopes. 
  • Hundreds of big metropolitan areas in the U.S., Europe and Russia are engulfed in substantial firestorms which melt away city regions of tens or hundreds of 1000’s of sq. miles/kilometers. 150 million tons of smoke from nuclear fires rises earlier mentioned cloud degree, into the stratosphere, in which it speedily spreads close to the earth and types a dense stratospheric cloud layer. The smoke will continue to be there for a lot of years to block and take up daylight.
  • Gigantic floor-hugging clouds of toxic smoke would be produced from the fires monumental portions of industrial chemical substances would also enter the setting.
  • The smoke blocks up to 70% of the sunlight from reaching the Earth’s area in the Northern Hemisphere, and up to 35% of the daylight is also blocked in the Southern Hemisphere. In the absence of warming daylight, surface temperatures on Earth grow to be as cold as they were being 18,000 decades back at the peak of the very last Ice Age. There would be rapid cooling of extra than 20° Celsius more than huge parts of North The usa and of more than 30° Celsius above considerably of Eurasia, together with all agricultural regions
  • Typical world precipitation would be lessened by 45% thanks to the extended cold. Increasing seasons would be pretty much eradicated for numerous several years.
  • Huge destruction of the protecting ozone layer would also occur, making it possible for intensive levels of harmful UV light to penetrate the environment and attain the surface of the Earth.
  • It would be difficult for quite a few dwelling items to endure the severe rapidity and diploma of alterations in temperature and precipitation, blended with drastic increases in UV gentle, enormous radioactive fallout, and massive releases of harmful toxins and industrial chemical compounds.
  • Previously stressed land and marine ecosystems would collapse.
  • Not able to improve foodstuff, most human beings would starve to dying.
  • A mass extinction event would manifest, identical to what occurred 66 million years in the past, when the dinosaurs have been wiped out following a big asteroid influence with Earth (70% of species became extinct, like all animals bigger than 25 kilograms in bodyweight).
  • Even human beings residing in shelters geared up with quite a few many years-really worth of food stuff, drinking water, energy, and health-related provides would almost certainly not survive in the hostile publish-war ecosystem.

See this

Potentially the mainstream media, the tail which commonly wags the dog, should to get worried about some of the effects of nuclear war as much as they fret about opportunity concessions inherent in peace speak involving the world’s superpowers.


Dr Andrew Glikson, Earth and Paleo-climate science, ANU College of Anthropology and Archaeology, ANU Planetary Science Institute, ANU Local weather Change Institute, Honorary Affiliate Professor, Geothermal Electrical power Centre of Excellence, College of Queensland.

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The Mainstream Media, The Consequences of Nuclear War and the Generate Towards WW III

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