Overly Connected Girlfriend: A retrospective

It isViral Market Crash7 days on Mashable. Be a part of us as we consider inventory of the viral overall economy and examine how the world wide web morphed from a pleasurable free of charge-for-all to a bleak hellscape we just cannot give up.

It really is been more than six yrs considering the fact that Laina Morris uploaded “JB Fanvideo” to YouTube. 

The clip, which shows Morris doing a parody variation of Justin Bieber’s 2012 tune “Boyfriend,” was initially intended as an try to gain an on line contest. (Bieber, who was launching a new fragrance known as “Girlfriend,” had invited admirers to post their best riffs on his keep track of.) 

Morris did not acquire the contest, but that’s beside the stage. No 1 remembers who received the contest. As a substitute, Redditor yeahhtoast posted a screenshot and a link to her video clip to Reddit, where it promptly blew up. “I posted the movie the night of June 6th, 2012 and realized it was acquiring a great deal of interest before I went to bed that evening,” Morris explained in an interview. “I stayed up late with one of my roommates looking through feedback on YouTube and Reddit.”

Hence, a meme was born, one that you’re nearly certainly familiar with: Extremely Connected Girlfriend.

The Overly Attached Girlfriend character is a stereotypically clingy female, obsessed with understanding what her boyfriend (at the very least, her perceived boyfriend) is up to. Morris’s lyrics — “If I was your girlfriend / I would not permit you go away / with no a little recording device / taped underneath your sleeve” — are hyperbolic and goofy, but it can be her massive, I am-looking at-you eyes that catapulted the video clip to world wide web fame.

Even right now, Morris’s facial area is quickly recognizable to anyone who’s spent time on line. And individuals nonetheless method her in public sometimes.

People today continue to tactic her in general public once in a while. 

“It unquestionably transpired a whole lot a lot more in the commencing, but it does nonetheless transpire just about every now and then,” Morris reported. In truth, she defined, “a pretty sweet couple just arrived more than and made available to get my espresso and questioned for a photo.”

Extremely Attached Girlfriend is the great emblem of the 2012 internet landscape, exactly where parody videos and zany personae reigned supreme. Luckily, that online natural environment dovetailed perfectly with Laina’s pursuits: parodying tracks and building figures. 

Add a catchy, previously-popular pop music, a robust visual, and a third-social gathering memeification, and it really is straightforward to see why Morris went viral. Following all, we ended up all nonetheless savoring the exciting version of the web.

But would Overly Attached Girlfriend go viral today? Possibly not. For a single factor, the net has mostly moved past equally picture macros and much larger-than-existence, Ermergerd-period personalities — traits to which the OAG meme can attribute much of its achievement. YouTube is additional “ethical worry zone” than “enjoyment and democratic playground” these times. And the slightly problematic OAG character — that of a lady hysterically obsessed with a man — would in all probability not make it previous the 2018 Twitter gates. Nor really should it.

“I just truly feel like the online is a different put now than it was six a long time ago.”

“I’ve thought about [whether it would go viral again] right before,” Morris mentioned, “and if I experienced to guess, I do not believe it would. I just really feel like the internet is a different location right now than it was 6 several years ago.”

She does, on the other hand, look admirably chill about her brush with viral fame. In spite of a effective YouTube channel, quite a few television appearances, and a host of admirers who really like all her operate, Morris is even now acknowledged mostly for getting the Extremely Hooked up Girlfriend. And she won’t thoughts at all.

“I think OAG will possibly generally be what I am recognised for most effective, and I am totally Ok with that,” she stated.

Hey, free of charge espresso.

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Overly Connected Girlfriend: A retrospective

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