Patriotism Has Been Turned Towards Patriots

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To fully grasp how screwed-up The us is, consider that patriotism is now linked with the suppression of dissent.

Abundant soccer group entrepreneurs, who know very little of the really hard life of most People in america, and the law enforcement, who routinely shoot down black folks in the streets and in their properties with out accountability or because of procedure, are incensed that three Miami Dolphin gamers kneeled very last week during the countrywide anthem to protest the unaccountable law enforcement murders of black US citizens.

The Broward County Police Benevolent Affiliation rushed to lower off its nose to spite its face by announcing that it will no longer be element of the Dolphin’s discounted ticket application. Now if a cop would like to go to a sport, he has to fork out entire price tag.

All those who rule us want all protests to take place on an isolated street corner exactly where law enforcement can taser and conquer the protester devoid of any public notice. They do not want protests at football online games exactly where there are tens of hundreds of individuals watching in the stands and tens of millions on television. In these types of a visible location, the police cannot taser and conquer the protesters.

Moveover, the protests get recognized and induce Us residents to surprise what has happened that is so disturbing that black specialist athletes hazard their remarkably paid livelihoods for the sake of a community protest. Colin Kaepernick, who originated the protests was fired as quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers for exercising his constitutional legal rights and has been blacklisted by rich NFL team proprietors.

Individuals who protest the protesters are the unAmericans. They are the stupid agents of those people who have turned The united states into a police/warfare state that neglects the demands of its have individuals in purchase to provide the greed of the military services/protection complex and world exploitative firms.

I am normally discouraged when standard Us residents, themselves victims of the method, say, “well, they can protest but not through the anthem or at a general public function.” These who say this have no strategy what an American is.

As Americans on their own no longer know what it indicates to be an American, very little question they have missing their region.


This report was at first released on the author’s blog internet site: Paul Craig Roberts Institute for Political Financial state.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is a regular contributor to World-wide Investigate.

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Patriotism Has Been Turned Towards Patriots

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