The Two Most Hazardous Warmongers in Political Business Today

impression: Trump and Netanyahu

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They function in concert to meticulously lay the foundations and propaganda for war, for involving them they hope to dominate the world with their egocentric madness for power and influence. Just one is a former serious estate developer and the other an expansionist occupier of international land. Both equally have accessibility to nuclear and chemical/biological weapons of mass destruction. 

They use the most impressive financial and political sanctions readily available in today’s US-dominated globe to aggressively cripple those people country states they would like to either command or ruin and will unilaterally threaten and intimidate all individuals who oppose them, with economic, financial and armed service sanctions.

They militarily equip all those who do agree to aid them, with US-made planes, tanks, helicopters, ships, guns, missiles, drones, chemical compounds and billions of bucks in aid, in order to support carry out their ideological goals.

These goals at the moment consist of:

1.     Bankrupting the sovereign point out of Iran by closing down its oil market and world-wide export markets inciting civil insurrection to deliver about unrest and revolution, then to set up a puppet governing administration in a prepare to management the complete Center East and its oilfields in conjunction with its individual vassal point out in the region.

2.     Starving two million Palestinians in Gaza by blockading the delivery of all vital products, medicines and electric power in buy to subjugate an entire folks and to transfer these eventually surviving to Jordan, therefore extinguishing any risk of a Palestinian state, in an overt procedure of ethnic cleansing.

3.     Forcibly annexing all its illegally occupied Palestinian Territories and to proclaim a Bigger Israel running from the Mediterranean to the River Jordan with the indigenous Arab population forcibly expelled to neighbouring states.

4.     Attacking Lebanon to carry about a routine alter compliant to a US-White Household agenda.

5.     Daunting and threatening all 28 Member States of the European Union with trade sanctions if there is any impediment to the US overseas policy of intimidation, annexation and forcible routine modify, any where in the entire world.

6.     Threatening Russia with war by continuing provocative military routines with an intense make-up of troops on its borders.

7.     Dealing with the United Nations, the UN Stability Council and its internationally agreed resolutions, with contempt.

The two these warmongers are self-identified Political Zionists who will prevent at very little to accomplish their ideological aims of control, domination and final electrical power for on their own and their households. Although neither personal is a statesman of any stature, equally are risky megalomaniacs for whom there are no lawful, moral, spiritual or navy boundaries.

They are equally keen and organized to threat nuclear and even chemical warfare in the furtherance of their goals.


Hans Stehling (pen identify) is an analyst based in the United kingdom. He is a repeated contributor to World wide Research.

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The Two Most Hazardous Warmongers in Political Business Today

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