Demonization of Russia in a New Chilly War Period

In inspecting the long run, we have to appear to the past.

As we check out the media right now, we are spoon fed far more and more propaganda and worry of the mysterious, that we really should be frightened of the unfamiliar and have total faith that our federal government is holding us protected from the unidentified. But by searching at media currently, those people of us who are old adequate will be reminded of the era of Cold War information articles or blog posts, hysteria of how the Russians would invade and how we ought to duck and protect below tables in our kitchens for the ensuing nuclear war.

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Under this mass hysteria all Western governments were being confident that we should be a part of Western allies to struggle the unidentified evil that lies to the east. Later by way of my travels in Russia for the duration of the peak of the Chilly War with a peace delegation, we were being shocked by the poverty of the region, and questioned how we ever were led to consider that Russia was a force to be afraid of. We talked to the Russian college students who have been dismayed by their absolute poverty and confirmed anger towards NATO for leading their state into an arms race that they could not gain. Lots of a long time afterwards, when speaking to young Individuals in the US, I was in disbelief about the fear the pupils had of Russia and their discuss of invasion. This is a superior case in point of how the not known can result in a deep rooted paranoia when manipulated by the appropriate powers.

All military services is highly-priced, and we can see in Europe that the countries are reluctant to expand their military services investing and find it tough to justify this to their persons. In searching at this scenario, we can ask ourselves what is helpful about this hysteria and panic prompted on each sides. All armies should have an enemy to deem them important. An enemy should be designed, and the individuals should be persuaded that there is want for motion to safeguard the freedom of their country.

Appropriate now, we can see a shifting of fiscal electric power from outdated Western powers to the increase of the Center East and Asia. Do we truthfully imagine that the Western allies are likely to give up their ability? My recommendation is: not very easily. The outdated dying empires will fight tooth and nail to safeguard their money passions this kind of as the petrol greenback and the quite a few positive aspects that arrive as a result of their power in excess of poverty-stricken nations.

To begin with, I will have to say, that I individually imagine that Russia is not by any means with no faults. But the quantity of anti-Russian propaganda in our media now is a throwback to the Cold War period. We ought to check with the issue: Is this primary to additional arms, a larger NATO? Possibly to problem big powers in the Middle East and Asia, as we see the US approaching the South China seas, and NATO Naval games getting position in the Black Sea.

Missile compounds are currently being erected in Romania, Poland and other ex-Soviet nations, whilst military services video games are set up in Scandinavia near to the Russian border to exercise for a chilly local weather war circumstance. At the identical time, we see the US President arriving in Europe inquiring for elevated navy shelling out. At the identical time the United states has elevated its budget by 300 billion in a person year.

The demonization of Russia is, I believe that, 1 of the most harmful things that is taking place in our entire world today. The scapegoating of Russia is an inexcusable game that the West is indulging in. It is time for political leaders and each and every particular person to transfer us again from the brink of disaster to start off to build relationships with our Russian brothers and sisters. Also extensive has the elite economically gained from war whilst hundreds of thousands are moved into poverty and desperation.

The individuals of the environment have been subjected to war propaganda centered on lies and misinformation and we have witnessed the final results of invasions and occupations by NATO disguised as “humanitarian intervention” and “right to protect”. NATO has destroyed the life of hundreds of thousands of individuals and purposely devastated their lands, leading to the exodus of hundreds of thousands of refugees. The folks all around the environment must not be misled nevertheless all over again. I individually feel that the US, the United kingdom and France are the most army minded countries, whose inability to use their imagination and creativeness to fix conflict via dialogue and negotiation is astonishing to myself and numerous persons. In a very militarized, unsafe world it is crucial we commence to humanize just about every other and come across strategies of cooperation, and construct fraternity among the nations.

The insurance policies of demonization of political leaders as a usually means of getting ready the way for invasions and wars need to be stopped right away and significant hard work put in to the developing of relationships across the earth. The isolation and marginalization of countries will only direct to extremism, fundamentalism and violence.

All through our check out to Moscow we had the enjoyment of attending a celebration of mass at the key Orthodox Cathedral. I was extremely impressed by the deep spirituality and faith of the persons as they sang the complete 3-hour mass. I was moved by the culture of the Russian people and I could really feel that their large historical past of suffering and persecution gave them sensitivity and enthusiasm for peace.

Certainly it is time that we in Europe refuse to be place in a place wherever we are compelled to opt for concerning our Russian and American brothers and sisters. The huge challenges that we are faced with, such as, due to local climate improve and wars, mass migration and motion of peoples all-around the entire world, require to be tackled as a globe group. The lifting of sanctions in opposition to Russia and the location up of applications of cooperation will assistance develop friendships amongst the nations.

I contact on all people to persuade their political leaders in the US, EU and Russia to present eyesight and political leadership and use their skills to develop belief and work for peace and nonviolence.


Mairead Corrigan Maguire received the 1976 Nobel Peace Prize for her do the job for peace in Northern Ireland. Her e book, The Vision of Peace (edited by John Expensive, with a foreword by Desmond Tutu and a preface by the Dalai Lama) is readily available from She lives in Belfast, Northern Ireland. See:

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Demonization of Russia in a New Chilly War Period

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