All Symptoms Level to Jay Pharoah Getting Teddy Perkins at the 2018 Emmys

While Atlanta Robbin’ Year got the shaft throughout previous night’s Emmys ceremony, Donald Glover‘s collection wasn’t completely out of the spotlight. Through the televised ceremony, when Monthly bill Hader was announced as the winner for Direct Actor in a Comedy Sequence, he stood up and hugged… Teddy Perkins. If you skipped it, here is a clip.

Now, right away, the question was: who the FUCK was dressed up like the creepy and iconic Teddy Perkins!? Heads initially assumed it was Glover, but Glover was afterwards noticed in the group, applauding. That introduced individuals to presume it was Lakeith Stanfield, but he’d also been spotted out of make-up that night.

The plot thickens, specially when you think about that the Teddy in the previously mentioned online video clip was standing just as tall as the 6’1″ Monthly bill Hader Glover and Stanfield stand 5’9″ and 6′, respectively, and in subsequent pics that Atlanta stars Glover, Stanfield, and Brian Tyree Henry took with Teddy Perkins confirmed that Perkins was taller than all of them.

Then anything appealing took place, by way of a retweet. Before nowadays, we tweeted a single of the lots of images of Teddy Perkins out and about very last evening, and acquired a like and retweet from none other than Jay Pharoah. Heading more than to his Twitter account, we understood that he not only retweeted that impression, but he retweeted Fader‘s video clip of Teddy hugging Hader, as effectively as this Comedy Buzz tweet about Pharoah actually becoming the Teddy Perkins under the make-up. Even Amusement Tonight noted that “a source” instructed them it was Jay Pharoah, who shared the earlier mentioned photograph on his personal Instagram, expressing, “I’m all for it, phuckin TEDDY PERKINS N THE @atlantafx forged Ayyyyeee!” Sure, he also tweeted a pic with Wanda Sykes as nicely, but that won’t signify he could not have also been Teddy Perkins, suitable?

The concept does hold excess weight. For just one, Pharoah and Hader were on Saturday Night Are living for a amount of seasons jointly, so it shouldn’t be a shock that he’d want to a) sit future to Hader and b) be joyful for his pal and former co-worker when he wins an Emmy. Two—and this is the key—Pharoah stands 6’1″, so it’d make feeling that if Jay was underneath the Teddy Perkins makeup, he’d be standing just as tall as Invoice Hader would be.

Let’s not overlook that the show aired on NBC this yr, with Saturday Evening Reside “Weekend Update” hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che hosting the entire ceremony. They informed Wide range that they’d have guys like John Mulaney and Seth Meyers pitching concepts for the night, and the likes of Maya Rudolph, Kenan Thompson, and other SNL cast customers (both equally present-day and former) were on hand for exclusive segments as perfectly. Could finding Jay Pharoah on the show as the eccentric Teddy Perkins have been a little bit from the hosts of the demonstrate and the stars of Atlanta to get Twitter tweeting? It positive as shit feels like it.

Right until Pharoah officially feedback on it, it just feels like a really location-on principle. Hell, Donald Glover hasn’t even spoken on getting Teddy Perkinsthroughout the output of the episode, so this could just be the code of silence. That is not going to stop Twitter from speculating, though.


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All Symptoms Level to Jay Pharoah Getting Teddy Perkins at the 2018 Emmys

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