Can Russia Survive Her “Partnerships”? Has Putin Produced a Strategic Miscalculation?

In an act of intentional deception, Israel employed a Russian plane to cloak an Israeli attack on a Syrian ground placement, with the consequence that Syrian air defense missiles downed the Russian plane with the dropped of 15 Russian navy lives.

In the words and phrases of the Russian Ministry of Defense:

“The Israeli pilots applied the Russian plane as cover and set it up to be focused by the Syrian air defense forces. As a consequence, the Il-20, which has radar cross-portion substantially much larger than the [Israeli] F-16, was shot down by an S-200 program missile.”

Russian Protection Minister Shoigu said:

“The blame for the downing of the Russian airplane and the deaths of its crew associates lies squarely on the Israeli aspect. The actions of the Israeli armed forces have been not in holding with the spirit of the Russian-Israeli partnership, so we reserve the proper to answer.” (See this and this)

For a couple of minutes it appeared like Israel was ultimately to be held accountable for its reckless and irresponsible steps, but it was not to be. Russian President Putin contradicted his Defense Minister by declaring the loss of Russian lives to be “accidental,” a result of a “chain of tragic conditions.”

Just one wonders how Israel does it. President Putin lined up for Israel’s destruction of the Russian IL-20 just as President Johnson protected up for Israel’s murderous attack on the USS Liberty that resulted in 208 US Navy casualties. (See this) As Israel receives absent with every thing, like routine massacres of unarmed Palestinian women and little ones, there is no rationale to assume Israel to change its conduct.

Putin, having said that, may possibly have to improve his actions or go to comprehensive-scale war. I have very long admired and defended Putin’s refusal to escalate conflict by refusing to reply to provocation with provocation.

Putin understands that he is dealing with irrationality both equally in Washington and the West usually and in Israel. He doesn’t want to see this irrationality erupt in nuclear war. Everyone ought to admire Putin for his rectitude. Nevertheless, when dealing with bullies, which is what Washington and Israel are, there is a draw back to Putin’s plan of turning the other cheek. Acceptance of provocations and insults prospects to much more provocations and insults.

While this is history’s lesson, I acquired it from the American Tv system, Kung Fu, about a Shaolin priest, Caine, on the American western frontier during the 1800s who ignores provocations until eventually he has no substitute but to fight.

This is what Putin is carrying out. Putin’s disinclination to battle inspired “Russia’s partner” Netanyahu to exhibit that Israel has the very same electricity around Russia that Israel has above the US. Netanyahu wasn’t the the very least bit fearful of sacrificing 15 Russian life in buy to efficiently assault a Syrian web-site. Netanyahu realized that only Putin would go through any adverse penalties.

The effects for Putin are critical. Russian nationalists, as opposed to the pro-American Atlanticist Integrationists, are offended that Putin will not defend Russia’s honor. The Russian army is incensed that Putin, for Israel’s sake, slash the legs off of the beloved Protection Minister. According to some studies that I cannot confirm, assurance in Putin is eroding as Russians hear from the Jewish controlled factors of the Russian media that Putin, by deflecting the murderous incident, is strengthening the Russian-Israeli relationship. One particular Web internet site actually has the headline: “Putin to Powers Attacking Syria: Make sure you Retain Receiving My Troopers Killed, I Won’t Do Anything About It.”

The outcomes for Putin and for Syria could be even worse than major. Putin experienced just referred to as off the introduced Russian/Syrian liberation of Idlib province from the terrorists, euphemistically called “the Syrian opposition” by the Russian government, in a concession to Turkey’s President Erdogan, who also shot down a Russian plane. What does this inform Washington and its well-paid out terrorist allies?

It tells them that Russia is simply stymied and that Idlib is safe in Washington’s palms while forces there are created up for a renewal of the effort and hard work to turn Syria, like Libya, like Iraq, like Yeman, like Somalia, into a wasteland.

Israel wishes Syria as a wasteland, like Iraq, and intends to produce that result in Iran as nicely. Israel needs the h2o assets of southern Lebanon, but the Hezbollah militia, supported and supplied by Syria and Iran is in the way. Twice the Israeli Army despatched to occupy southern Lebanon was defeated and driven out by Hezbollah. Israel cannot chance a third defeat, so Israel takes advantage of its American puppet. In truth, the only rationale Washington has been at war in the Center East for the entirety of the 21st century is because Washington is serving Israel’s agenda.

It is tricky to think that the Russian authorities is so poorly encouraged that it does not have an understanding of this. The “Russian-Israeli partnership” explained by Russian Protection Minister Shoigu can be primarily based on practically nothing other than Russian ignorance.

The two nations around the world have completely diverse agendas in the Center East. Israel is trying to use Washington to get rid of governments impartial of Washington’s Israeli-directed foreign coverage in the Center East as these governments are a constraint on Israeli growth. Russia is attempting to stop the unfold of the US-supported jihadists to Russia’s borders, or so I consider or imagined.

My knowing, even so, is getting challenged. I am contradicted by Russian nationalists who sustain that Putin, misunderstanding that the jihadists terrorists are an American structured and supported force, went into Syria in buy to clearly show his solidarity with “America’s war towards terrorism.” I locate it tricky to consider that Putin, even surrounded by American-worshipping Atlanticist Integrationists, could probably be this misinformed. But who knows? When did the US very last have an informed president? Knowledgeable by the genuine points, not by the special passions whispering into his ear.

I am worried that Putin, by giving in to Turkey, by masking up for Israel, by calling off the liberation of Idlib province, and by his earlier non-responses has set himself up for his subsequent exam, which could be in Ukraine. By his refusal to acknowledge the breakaway Russian republics of Donetsk and Luhansk again into Russia in which they belong, Putin has allowed this sore to fester. Washington has utilized the option to arm its Ukrainian puppet and is betting that Putin will refuse to protect the breakaway Russians just as he refused to defend the Russian armed forces from Israel in Syria.

Faster or later on Putin is likely to come across himself in the similar place as Caine. He will have to struggle or surrender. By waiting Putin ensures that provocations will improve in intensity till there is no option to placing the Russian foot down in a key way. Therefore, the avoidance of conflict assures the conflict, but a more substantial, additional perilous a person.

I was astonished to examine that the Russian Protection Minister spoke of a “Russian-Israeli partnership.” I was even additional astonished to learn that Russia, which has been engaged for some decades in the liberation of Syria from Western supported terrorists, permits Israel and France to assault Syria. Russia can wipe Israel and France off the facial area of the earth in a couple minutes with zero price to Russia, but Russia accepts constraints and defeats from insignificant armed forces powers.

The Russian armed service experiences that, at the identical time the Russian plane was wrecked by Israeli deception, missiles ended up fired from the French frigate FS Auvergne, evidently at the very same target in Syria’s Latakia province that ended up struck by the Israeli aircraft. What sense does it make for Russia, intent on liberating a person province, to allow for Israeli and French assaults on an additional Syrian province?

In my belief, Russia’s lack of ability to stand firm in the deal with of Western and Israeli aggression will be the principal trigger of Earth War 3 in which we will all die and the world as perfectly.


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This posting was initially released on the author’s web site web-site: Paul Craig Roberts Institute for Political Overall economy.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is a recurrent contributor to World-wide Research.

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Can Russia Survive Her “Partnerships”? Has Putin Produced a Strategic Miscalculation?

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