Negative Bunny and J Balvin Speak Future Joint Album and the Increase of Latin Entice

The two: Yes.

Balvin:At initially, he was far more timid. He’s still shy. Terrible Bunny is shyer than individuals feel, but when I satisfied him, I fulfilled him at a live performance I had [in Puerto Rico] . We ran into every single other two situations on the same balcony.

Bunny: I try to remember that I went to La Concha.

Balvin: Phrase. Exactly. When I go to Puerto Rico, I’m constantly with two or a few buddies, with Guelo Star and with Luian.

Bunny: Accurately. I went with Luian.

Balvin: I went with Luian to the lodge, and Bunny was incredibly tranquil, shy, but Luian now realized how big he was going to be. I was just assembly up with Benito. But it was constantly really beautiful when I fulfilled him. He talked to me about how he beloved “Snapchat,” a track of mine from the album Energía. He instructed me, “Damn, I really like ‘Snapchat.’”

Bunny: Yeah, for the reason that that was one of the past albums—Balvin’s album Energía, and Drake’s Views—that I savored just before becoming popular, just before Benito became Poor Bunny the artist. That summer season, I seriously liked Energía, all of the tunes on it, and Views.

Balvin: Luian instructed me, “He’s a lover,” and I was like, “Cool, but he doesn’t discuss.” [Laughs]

Bunny:I built the observe “Si Tú Novio Te Deja Sola” before I satisfied Balvin. That was in advance of these possibilities arrived in my life, when I did audio without the need of imagining if it would be a strike. When I designed that rhythm, I only considered about [having] Balvin [on it] —like, “Damn, this music with Balvin would be super great.” When I had the possibility to make the song with Balvin, I confirmed it to him. I recorded the refrain, which I currently had, and showed it to him. When he [said he] liked it, it was an amazing experience. I generally keep in mind that. I’m not embarrassed to say it: I was so thrilled I had to go outside the house of the studio—I still left Balvin and Mambo working—and cried.

“Si Tú Novio Te Deja Sola” went down in historical past. It is the 1st [Latin] lure song to be nominated for a Latin Grammy.

Balvin: It was quite stunning because when they sent me the music, I reported, “We have to report this now and make a video clip tomorrow.” And we did. It was immediate, and the vibes were there [Laughs].

Bunny: I felt the identical way.

Balvin: I consider that to do tunes with an individual, it has to be outside of irrespective of whether that man or woman is trending. There has to be chemistry and respect. I report with folks who individuals “don’t know” but that I admire and regard. I assume all of that is in the vibes. Negative Bunny, at that minute, wasn’t Terrible Bunny but. But with that music, Poor Bunny arrived.

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Negative Bunny and J Balvin Speak Future Joint Album and the Increase of Latin Entice

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