Russia Reveals the MH17 ‘Smoking Gun’

The Russian Defense Ministry may possibly have finally unveiled the “smoking gun” able to address the mystery encompassing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, shot down on July 17, 2014 in excess of the Donetsk Oblast, a province in jap Ukraine.

The MH17 crash killed 283 passengers from 10 unique nations and 15 crew members. A Joint Investigation Group (JIT) from Malaysia, the Netherlands, Australia, Belgium and Ukraine – but not Russia – seemed to reach a controversial verdict: Moscow did it.

Effectively, not definitely, according to a in depth presentation by Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov and Lt. Gen. Nikolai Parshin, head of the Most important Missile and Artillery Directorate.

The “breakthrough” appears to be to have come from a JIT briefing last Might, which produced fragments of the motor and nozzle of the 9M38 missile, released by a Buk missile system, which downed MH17.  In accordance to Parshin:

“Once we had the nozzle and engine numbers, we had been in a position to uncover out the missile’s amount.”

So now we know, by using declassified information, that the motor of the missile 9D131 allegedly experienced the serial range 8869032. And a “passport” for the nozzle cluster 9D13105000 carried the selection 8-30-113. The actual missile quantity was 886847349, they reported.

The Protection Ministry established that figures for the factors of the 9M38 missile and the amount of units pointed out in the specialized documentation stored at the Dolgoprudny Study and Creation Organization, outside Moscow, are the very same.

So, they were being capable to create that the missile was built in Dolgoprudny in 1986 and that it was shipped by rail on December 29, 1986 to military device 20152 deployed to Ukraine – and by no means returned to Russia.

In accordance to Parshin, this Ukrainian military unit is now identified as the 223rd anti-plane protection regiment of the Ukrainian armed forces, was renamed by a decree from the Ukraine presidential business.

“Currently, this unit is found in the metropolis of Stryi in the Lviv region, [and] they nonetheless have the Buk techniques. It is noteworthy that units of the 223 regiment have, given that 2014, frequently been associated in the so-identified as anti-terror operation in the Donetsk and Lugansk areas.”

All paperwork for the Buk missile technique are still saved in Dolgoprudny, and the JIT will be able to study them. Moscow has presently despatched the new information and facts to the Netherlands.

In the meantime, Russian Investigative Committee spokeswoman Svetlana Petrenko also challenged video footage made use of by Bellingcat, a British isles-based citizen journalist team, allegedly proving that a self-propelled firing process of the Russian 53rd anti-aircraft missile brigade was included in the downing of MH17.

A political soccer of huge proportions

There is extra – and it does not appear great for Kiev. Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Konashenkov explained:

“We have an audio recording of phone conversations of Ukrainian servicemen produced in 2016. An assessment of its written content confirms before created conclusions about the immediate involvement of the Ukrainian aspect in the crash of the Malaysian Boeing.”

The voice on the intercepted audio allegedly arrives from Ukrainian Armed Forces Col. Ruslan Grinchak, in Odessa, through an training referred to as Rubezh-2016. Grinchak was aspect of a brigade liable for radar management. His device essentially tracked the MH17 flight in 2014.

Speaking about the danger of traveling by limited airspace, Grinchak states that except constraints are followed “We’ll f***ing f**k up another Malaysian Boeing. What he reported was basically released by Ukrainian media shops.

Konashenkov stressed that Kiev delivered no radar info whatsoever to Dutch investigators. He also reported that all files from the Ukrainian unit which acquired the Buk missile back again in 1986 should really be much more than suitable for the investigation. Or Kiev could basically say they have been destroyed.

Image result for joint investigation team

The ball is now in the JIT court. Moscow has usually insisted, in element, that the investigation has been biased from the get started. It in no way received any critical evidence from Kiev, relied on resources these kinds of as Bellingcat, and fully dismissed proof furnished by Russia.

This is a political football of immense proportions – at the heart of the Maidan coup and subsequent, relentless demonization of Russia. But in phrases of the human tragedy, the factor that seriously issues is to establish incontrovertible MH17 specifics.

In a assertion, the Joint Investigation Staff appears to be to acknowledge as a great deal:

“The JIT has taken observe of the details that has been publicly presented by the authorities of the Russian Federation for the initially time nowadays … The JIT will meticulously study the elements presented nowadays as quickly as the Russian Federation makes the pertinent documents out there to the JIT as asked for in May possibly 2018 and expected by UNSC resolution 2166.”

So, will Kiev agree to look into alone?

New details ‘to be assessed’

Meanwhile, the Dutch-led Joint Investigation Staff said on Monday it had requested facts on serial quantities on missile components in Could 2018, AFP claimed.

“The JIT will meticulously analyze the information and facts brought out by the Russian Federation” when the files are produced obtainable, it explained in a assertion. It extra that some information beforehand presented publicly by Russia such as the alleged existence of a Ukrainian jet around the airliner on radar pictures “was basically incorrect”.

Also on Monday, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko signed a decree not to lengthen an official friendship agreement with Russia.


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Russia Reveals the MH17 ‘Smoking Gun’

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