Taxing And Tracking The Independent Media: Censorship And Control

Authored by Jeremiah Johnson (Nom de plume of a retired Eco-friendly Beret of the United States Military Distinctive Forces ) by using,

One of the most heinous points about taxes is that they aid the incredibly ‘organs’ (to quotation a Soviet-period phrase) of federal government that crush the people today… even more. The taxes are weapons utilized by the authorities…and all authority will come from the barrel of a gun (to paraphrase Mao). The taxes are used to corral in the masses and hold them upon a constant treadmill that sustains the procedure…the pretty procedure that exploits and enslaves the citizens.

The most heinous of all is the “death tax” of 50% to the authorities soon after you die. If you produced a million in revenue and property at the stop of your existence… paying taxes on it all the way…the original money taxes on the dollars you built, and then the fascination profits tax on what you designed from your investments. You have residence taxes on your property. You are (based on your condition) levied taxes on advert valorem, or point out revenue taxes, or neighborhood (city, town) taxes. You are taxed on presents you give to your little ones. You are taxed when you start off a business.

Quite a few states have “ingenious” (generally insidious) means of exploiting the populace and terming it a “tax,” per se.  Maryland has a fantastic 1 they instituted a few many years back: the rainwater tax…to actually estimate the quantity of rainfall off of a person’s roof/residence, and position it below “management” of the state… of course, taxed on the amount of rain slipping on you. Cigarette taxes, liquor taxes… the list is countless.

Taxes never ever decrease: they could existing the illusion of reducing in one particular category, but they always rise, and increase with the prices of matters. Go to this internet site. They’re not hiding anything, and they’ll occur out and explain to you what they’re going to consider from you. The site is put out by the U.S. Electricity Information and facts Administration (the EIA), and the tackle is here:

You can uncover condition-by-state gasoline taxes (on average 28 cents for each gallon), and the federal taxes of 18.3 cents for every gallon…for a whole of about 47 cents for each gallon. Yeah, isn’t that grand?

Taxes (by their reporting and declaration) also give the government additional handle and details about how you stay, what you do. Taxes are utilised now in an even much more sinister method, commencing with the EU (European Union).  Sure, all of those “happy” messages you see on your e-mails are harbingers of issues to arrive. On 09/12/2018, Planet Free of charge Will revealed an write-up entitled “Catastrophic: EU Passes Copyright Directive Such as World wide web ‘Link Tax’ and ‘Upload Filter.”

Here’s an excerpt:

The European Parliament has handed a controversial copyright directive that includes provisions which force tech giants to set up material filters and sets in put a likely tax on hyperlinking.The bill was handed in a final vote of 438 – 226 and will need to have to be applied by person EU member states.  …two crucial provisions: Content 11 and 13, which [have been] dubbed the “link tax” and “upload filter.”  Report 11 is intended to give publishers and papers a way to make funds when providers like Google url to their stories, allowing them to desire paid licenses. Report 13 involves selected platforms like YouTube and Facebook quit buyers sharing unlicensed copyrighted content.”

The bottom line on this: the authorities(s) would established in position bureaucratic brokers to scan every single webpage that is uploaded to a web page…superficially to “protect the sacred copyrights,” but in actuality, it is a way to complete checking and censorship of almost everything that passes throughout their scanners.

They have to institute stuff this kind of as that to totally quell the independent media and halt any “non-certified, non-accredited (Point out-permitted) journalists and news web sites. In addition, they’ll levy taxes on it. Once yet again, the vicious cycle: spend your taxes or the Euro-Swat staff will come in with MP-5’s, huffs, puffs, and blows down your residence. Fork out the taxes…and you’ll then fund their budgets for greater Draconian measures. Let us not fail to remember: ICANN (The World-wide-web Corporation for Assigned Names and Quantities) and the Obama giveaway of the World-wide-web to the Chinese.

Evaluate right after evaluate arrives into play. Minor by very little, in the title of taxes and the security of rights, governments are instituting even far more intrusive actions into privacy and exploiting their populaces…making more wealth and electricity for on their own and extra handle about the daily life of the normal particular person. There is no additional goal, grassroots reporting or news within just the mainstream media. The only material that is not AP and Point out-accredited will come from shops of the independent media.

Maintain this in head: again in the times of the USSR, you would be either killed or despatched to a Gulag for possessing either a Xerox/mimeograph device or a typewriter. Do you know why that was? It was simply because they did not want any communication amongst the folks in the kind of underground newspapers, memos, letters, or any location not underneath Condition manage. We’re heading in that route now. First the taxes, to drive our  submission while at the same time funding their oppression. Then the isolation and identification of non-Condition-approved reporters. Then the unavoidable shutdowns, confiscations of pcs and news media venues, arrests, and worse.

The greatest way to complete that is to overwhelm the individuals with rules and gendarmes/jackboots to enforce them.  History teaches us, and it repeats by itself in 1 way, form, or sort. Very little new less than the sun, and the assault on freedom of the press is not just in the U.S., but is around the world. Much better plead the 5th Amendment, considering the fact that you just cannot use the 1st Amendment any longer. Preserve these text in brain from the Declaration of Independence on abuse of electrical power:

“But when a very long coach of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the very same Object evinces a layout to lower them below absolute Despotism, it is their correct, it is their obligation, to toss off this sort of Federal government, and to offer new Guards for their foreseeable future security.”

Going on in Europe and coming to our shores shortly: the entire destruction of the independent media, and the generation of “Pravda and Isvestia” News retailers managed entirely by the Condition.

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Taxing And Tracking The Independent Media: Censorship And Control

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