Wikileaks: To Weaken Iran, US Undermined Democratic Components of Syrian Opposition to Empower Radical Teams

Authored by Whitney Webb by way of Mint Press Information

A a short while ago uncovered U.S. federal government document published by WikiLeaks has discovered that the U.S. instantly advocated for undermining “democratic” aspects of the so-identified as Syrian “revolution” of 2011 in order to make sure the dominance of authoritarian, sectarian Sunni teams within the Syrian opposition.

The document, penned by the United States Maritime Corps (USMC) Intelligence Office in late 2011, additional asserts that empowering these radical Sunni teams above democratic and secular ones would be best for the United States and its regional partners, as ensuring the decrease of the present-day Syrian governing administration, and with it a secular Syria, would harm Iran’s regional clout.

In other words, the U.S. brazenly supported undermining democratic opposition forces in Syria in order to challenge Iranian impact and, with it, the influence of the Center East’s “resistance axis” that obstructs the imperialistic agendas of the U.S. and its regional allies such as Saudi Arabia and Israel.

The 2012–2013 Stratfor electronic mail leak was the community disclosure of a range of inside e-mails concerning geopolitical intelligence organization Stratfor’s staff members and its customers.

According to the document, which was buried in a prior WikiLeaks launch and recently uncovered by journalist Dr. Nafeez Ahmed, U.S. military intelligence was very well knowledgeable that the Syrian opposition motion in 2011 did not pose “a significant threat versus the [Syrian] routine,” specified that it was “extremely fractured” and “operating less than great constraints.”

It also pointed out that“reports of protests [against the Syrian government] are overblown,” even though “the exiled [Syrian] opposition has been fairly effecting (sic) in producing a narrative on the Syrian opposition to disseminate to significant media organizations.”

That narrative — which was subsequently promoted by various foreign governments, like the U.S., the U.K., Turkey and France — falsely claimed that the protests have been substantial and concerned mostly peaceful protestors “rising up” from the “autocratic” federal government led by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. 

This document, as perfectly as substantial proof that has emerged above the very last various decades, displays that this narrative, of a “peaceful uprising” trying to find to build a secular and “democratic” Syria, has by no means been genuine, as even U.S. armed service intelligence knew that the studies about these “peaceful” protests had been extremely exaggerated.

U.S. calling on Turkey to do its soiled work

Given that the USMC intelligence thought of the Syrian opposition movement in 2011 to be an ineffective drive for effecting alter in Assad’s position as Syria’s chief, the document notes that it was in the U.S.’ fascination for Turkey to “manage” attempts to destabilize the Assad-led govt, as Turkey “is the place with the most leverage more than Syria in the long phrase, and has an desire in looking at this territory return to Sunni rule.”

All those Turkish-led endeavours would require gradually constructing up “linkages with groups inside Syria, focusing in certain on the Islamist remnants of the Muslim Brotherhood in striving to style a feasible Islamist political drive in Syria that would function underneath Ankara’s umbrella.” This finally arrived to move, as the Turkey-backed Free Syrian Army – previously promoted as the key force of the “democratic” Syrian opposition but now properly identified to be a radical, sectarian group – nonetheless takes its marching orders from Ankara.

The doc advocates for these initiatives to mold the “fragmented” components of the 2011 Syrian opposition into an “Islamist” puppet pressure of Turkey in purchase to support the gradual “weakening of the Alawite [i.e., Assad] maintain on power in Syria,” as well as for the reason that“Turkey, the United States, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other folks have a typical interest in seeking to seriously beneath[mine] Iran’s foothold in the Levant and dial back Hezbollah’s political and navy impact in Lebanon.”

Also noteworthy is the simple fact that USMC intelligence at the time understood that these attempts to undermine the latest Syrian authorities would have a disastrous affect on the nation and its civilian inhabitants. Indeed, the document notes this on two individual instances, stating initially that “any political changeover in Syria away from the al-Assad clan will likely entail a violent, protracted civil conflict” and afterwards introducing that “the road to regime transform will be a prolonged and bloody 1.”

So, not only was U.S. armed forces intelligence advocating for the undermining of democratic and secular forces in just the Syrian opposition, it was also conscious that the U.S.-backed initiatives to undermine Assad would have “bloody” repercussions for civilians in Syria.

Classified Maritime Corps Intelligence memo circulated in September 2011: “the reports of protests are overblown.”

These admissions considerably undercut past and existing U.S. promises to be concerned with Syrian civilians and their “phone for freedom” from Assad, demonstrating alternatively that the U.S. most well-liked the set up of a “friendly” authoritarian, sectarian authorities in Syria and was uninterested in the fate of Syrian civilians so prolonged as the consequence “severely beneath[mined] Iran’s foothold in the Levant.”

For considerably of the very last two a long time, but specially given that the 2006 war between Israel and Lebanon’s Hezbollah, the “resistance axis” — led by Iran — has emerged as the finest risk to the hegemony of the United States and its allies in the Center East.

A electric power bloc composed of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Hezbollah, and Hamas in Palestine, the “resistance axis” as a expression initial emerged in 2010 to describe the alliances of nations around the world and regional political groups opposed to ongoing Western intervention in the area, as properly as to the imperialist agendas of U.S. allies in the location like Israel and Saudi Arabia. Iran’s position as the de facto chief of this resistance bloc helps make it, together with its key allies like Syria, a prime goal of U.S. Middle East coverage.


Washington’s aid for a long run authoritarian Syria might arrive as a surprise to some, specified that the U.S. has publicly promoted the narrative of a “democratic revolution” in Syria from 2011 to the present and has made use of calls for the establishment of a “new” secular democracy in Syria as the basis for its agenda of overthrowing the latest Assad-led govt.

Even so, effective individuals in Washington have extensive promoted an “authoritarian” and “Islamist” state in Syria with the intention of countering Iran, considerably like the approach in-depth in the USMC intelligence document.

US armed service intelligence in 2011: “a feasible Islamist political drive in Syria that would function beneath Ankara’s umbrella.”

For instance, latest Countrywide Safety Adviser John Bolton called for the establishment of this kind of a point out in Syria again in 2015, stating on FOX News:

I imagine our aim need to be a new Sunni state out of the western portion of Iraq, the eastern aspect of Syria, run by moderates or at the very least authoritarians who are not radical Islamists.

A several months later, Bolton – this time in a New York Times op-ed – specific his prepare to create a sectarian Sunni condition out of northeastern Syria and western Iraq, which he nicknamed “Sunni-stan.”

He asserted that these a state would have “economic potential” as an oil producer, would serve as a “bulwark” from the Syrian authorities and “Iran-allied Baghdad,” and would support ensure the defeat of Daesh (ISIS). Bolton’s point out of oil is noteworthy, as the proposed territory for this Sunni condition sits on crucial oil fields that U.S. oil pursuits, this kind of as ExxonMobil and the Koch brothers, have sought to manage if the partition of Iraq and Syria will come to pass.

Bolton also suggested that Arab Gulf States like Saudi Arabia “could supply considerable financing” for the development of this long run state, incorporating that “the Arab monarchies like Saudi Arabia have to not only fund much of the new state’s early desires, but also assure its steadiness and resistance to radical forces.”

However Bolton fails to take note that Saudi Arabia is a single of the chief financiers of Daesh and largely responsible for spreading “radical” Wahhabi Islam through the Middle East. Consequently, any upcoming state that the Saudis would fund would definitely mirror the ethos of Saudi Arabia alone – i.e., an authoritarian, radical Wahhabist condition that executes nonviolent protestersoppresses minorities, and launches genocidal wars against its neighbors in an energy to handle their sources.

On top of that, the best goal outlined in just the USMC Intelligence doc of undermining  Iran’s regional clout carries on to be the manual for the U.S.’ existing Syria policy, which not too long ago changed nonetheless once again to include things like routine alter in Damascus as part of its aim. For occasion, earlier this year, Bolton – in his capacity as National Stability Adviser – stated that U.S. troops would stay in Syria “as extensive as the Iranian menace proceeds in the course of the Middle East.”

A lot more recently, the Trump administration “redefined” its Syria policy to include “the exit of all Iranian army and proxy forces from Syria” as the administration’s top priority, when also calling for the installation of “a stable, non-threatening government” that would not have Assad as Syria’s chief.

As a result, though seven a long time have appear and absent considering that the leaked doc was created by USMC intelligence, minimal has improved when it arrives to the U.S.’ extensive-standing plans in Syria and its callous disregard for the will of the Syrian persons and Syrian democracy.

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Wikileaks: To Weaken Iran, US Undermined Democratic Components of Syrian Opposition to Empower Radical Teams

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