The Rats Revolt

There is no American who has fought with additional tenacity, braveness and integrity to expose the crimes of corporate energy and to thwart the corporate coup d’état that has wrecked our democracy than Ralph Nader. Not 1. There is minimal he has not tried out in that effort and hard work. He has written investigative exposés on the unsafe techniques of the auto marketplace revealed finest-sellers this kind of as “Who Operates Congress?” established citizen action and buyer teams testified prior to plenty of congressional committees created a raft of environmental and worker protection expenditures that ended up handed in Congress less than the now defunct liberal wing of the Democratic Get together and, when he was locked out of the legislative method by corporate Democrats, been a prospect for president. He even served arrange the first Earth Working day.

His newest assault is a fable termed “How the Rats Re-Fashioned the Congress.” (And nevertheless at times the prose can be a little bit stilted and the scatological jokes on par with the humor of the common 10-calendar year-old—the rats crawl up out of the rest room bowls as congressional leaders are using a dump—Nader is fatal serious about the revolt the rats engender.

The vital in Nader’s tale to the citizens retaking manage of Congress and the federal government is sustained mass nationwide demonstrations and rallies. These demonstrations, like all protests that are helpful, are arranged by total-time staff members and steadily develop in numbers and momentum. The demonstrations are funded by a few enlightened billionaires. I really do not share Nader’s faith—also expressed in his other foray into fiction, “Only the Tremendous-Loaded Can Preserve Us”—in a renegade wing of the oligarchy funding the overthrow of the corporate condition, but he is appropriate that effective actions want to be sustained, develop in dimensions and electricity, have focused organizers and amass significant income and methods so they do not disintegrate.

Nader writes in his new ebook:

Protests rise and tumble in the ether for the most element. They normally don’t ripple out from the core team of worried folks who originate them. Professionals on crowds attribute this to very little arranging, minuscule budgets, poor leadership, and the lack of aim which induces protest exhaustion amid the core just before they make an effects. The core hardly ever convincingly answers the thoughts, “Just How Much Do the The vast majority of Our Fellow Citizens Want To Go and How Do They Expect to Get There?”

A different clarification for the lackluster exhibiting of protest actions in this region is that American politicians, over the previous twenty-five years, have acquired to quietly dismiss massive rallies, demonstrations, and even short-term “occupations,” due to the fact they have gone nowhere. The lawmakers in no way consider them when creating choices. Try to remember, far too, that in Washington, huge rallies, this kind of as people against the Iraq War, for the atmosphere or for a positions application ended up usually held on weekends when neither the members of Congress nor the journalists have been about. These crowds are blessed to get a image in the Sunday newspapers. The absence of publicity curtails any effects they could have had. The smaller gatherings, even all those by Veterans for Peace, get zeroed out completely, ranking at best a paragraph squib deep in the paper.

The demonstrations for the restoration of our democracy acquire position in metropolitan areas all over the state. They also see enraged citizens pour into Washington, D.C., to surround and occupy the Capitol and the headquarters of other govt businesses and establishments to demand from customers a return to democratic rule. The ruling elites turn out to be worried.

Indeed, it is only when the elites come to be worried of us that there will be any hope of destroying company electricity. Politics, as Nader understands, is a game of worry.

As Nader details out, elected officers have surrendered their constitutional electricity to do the bidding of companies in return for company funds. It is a technique of legalized bribery. The consent of the ruled has turn out to be a joke. Politicians in the two ruling functions are the agents of corporate exploitation and oppression, the enemies of democracy. They no for a longer time hold general public hearings at the committee level. They govern largely in top secret. They go expenditures, most penned by company lobbyists, and appoint judges to shield businesses from lawsuits by those people these companies have wronged, wounded or defrauded. They deny our standing in the courts. They divert dollars from the country’s crumbling infrastructure and social expert services to maintain a war machine that consumes fifty percent of all discretionary shelling out. They operate up significant deficits to give tax cuts to the ruling oligarchs and orchestrate the biggest transference of wealth upward in American historical past. They suppress the minimum amount wage, break unions and legalize the debt peonage that companies use to actual punishing tribute from the citizenry, which includes from younger gentlemen and gals compelled to get on $1.5 trillion in credit card debt to get a higher education training. They revoke legal guidelines, controls and polices that curb the worst abuses of Wall Street. They abolish our most cherished civil liberties, including the ideal to privacy and owing approach. Their public proceedings, as was evidenced in the 1 held for new Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, are shameless political theater that mocks the democratic system.

“Congress itself is a very clear and existing hazard to our nation,” Nader writes. “It feasts on raw world-wide company electric power and is oblivious to various fateful degradations of life on the planet.” He phone calls Congress “a concentrated tyranny of self-privilege, secrecy, exclusionary regulations and techniques.”

Nader warns that any uprising has to be swift to avoid the ruling elites from organizing to crush it. It has to seize the public imagination. And it has to have a perception of humor. He writes of the fictitious uprising in “How the Rats Re-Formed the Congress”:

A contingent from New York and New England, led by nurses and learners, shipped a truck load of “Wall Avenue Rats” with the sign explaining that they would of course be welcomed by the Congress that had refused to pass a Wall Street speculation tax, these types of a profits tax would have offered $300 billion a year that may have been utilized to deliver healthcare and decrease the student personal loan burdens. Tens of millions of postcards were being being sent demonstrating one particular big black rat on the Capitol Dome with a sign declaring, “You Did not Listen to Them—The People—But Now You are Likely To Hear To Us.” This was only a sliver of the corrosively important anthropomorphism attributed to the rats and their imagined political agenda. They experienced come to be the voice of the general public! Little statuettes of [House Speaker] Blamer, [Minority Leader] Melosay, and [Senate Majority Leader] Clearwater, wearing crowns on which lolled a pompous rat, were being marketing like hotcakes. Poster artwork rose to new heights of imaginative, symbolic, and real-daily life portrayals of what was ever more becoming identified as the perfidious “Withering Heights” of Washington, DC.

The calendar was crammed with non-stop avenue motion: rallies, soapbox speeches, marches, and sit-ins at zoos exactly where the protesters said the rats need to be specified luxurious cages as reward for their heroic takeover. The media could not have adequate of it. Rankings soared and increasing print, radio, and Television set time was being devoted to what was making a quite deep impression everywhere you go. Protests—across the nation, red point out, blue state, north, south, east, and west—were moving into mobilization phases with overdue precise demands for justice, fairness, and participation qua citizens replacing handle qua wealth as the sine qua non of governing administration functioning. And, the most ominous signal of all for incumbents: there ended up early indications of candidates, keeping the similar beliefs as the protesters, readying troubles to the lawmakers in the approaching primaries.

Petitions have been circulating on the World wide web demanding the members go back to their work opportunities regardless of the rat infestation. Tens of millions of personnel display up every single day at jobs considerably much more dangerous. They never cower in worry. If they did, they would have their shell out slice or be fired by their bosses. The petition pointed out that Associates of Congress ended up getting paid out even though they stayed house in bed. Outrageous! These petitions contained typical remaining/suitable demands—the kind that truly scare politicians.

No revolution will be successful without having a vision. Nader lays out the basics—a assured living wage, total authorities-funded well being insurance plan, absolutely free training together with at the college degree, the prosecution of company criminals, slicing the bloated armed service funds, an stop to empire, prison justice reform, transferring electrical power from the elites to the citizenry by offering community areas the place buyers, employees and communities can meet up with and organize, breaking up the large banking companies and generating a general public banking system, preserving and fostering labor unions, removing income from politics, taking the airwaves out of the fingers of companies and returning them to the general public and ending subsidies to the fossil gas industry even though keeping fossil fuels in the ground to radically reconfigure our partnership to the ecosystem.

He writes of the well known convergence on the facilities of electricity:

In the meantime, by car, bus, rail, plane and even by bicycles and by foot, individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and places ongoing to pour into Washington. They loaded the eating places and the motels. They generally had to uncover a room in a metropolis in which there were number of cost-effective flats but a lot of substantial, less than-inhabited properties whose longtime proprietors preferred to make some cash to spend for their property taxes and repairs. So they have been leasing to the new arrivals.

The strategies these visitors manufactured their voices read were pretty imaginative. There was a cavalcade of horseback riders in a procession down Structure Avenue resplendent with the symptoms, “Pass this …” or “Pass that …” constantly ending with the ominous “or Else.” One horseman was using his trumpet to elevate the psychological level of the demonstration, which was totally covered in the press. Many others joined the day-to-day “resign … or else” rally likely on at the bottom of the Capitol whilst mini-demonstrations have been becoming day-to-day activities in front of the White Household and at other main govt properties containing departments and organizations. Even individuals agencies in the suburbs, these types of as the Pentagon, the CIA, the Patent Workplace, or the Food stuff and Drug Administration, wherever the workforce had considered they would be over and above access, did not escape the rallying.

It is a amazing eyesight. I hope it will come to go. But even if it does not, we really should attempt. Interesting to the ruling elites and the two corporate political functions, as perfectly as trying to have our voices and concerns tackled by the company media, which has blacklisted Nader, is a squander of time. The company condition will be overthrown by a citizens’ revolt or we will keep on to barrel toward a political and ecological nightmare. Nader dares to dream. We should as well.

Chris Hedges


Chris Hedges is a Truthdig columnist, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, a New York Occasions best-advertising author, a professor in the college diploma method made available to New Jersey condition prisoners by Rutgers…

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The Rats Revolt

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