Dangerous Crossroads: Comprehensive Russian and Allied War Games in Reaction to US-NATO Buildup

Barely described by the Western media, Russia has launched a series of war video games in Europe and the Significantly East together with many of its allies.  These war video games have been set in motion in response to NATO’s armed forces buildup in Jap Europe, The Baltic States and Scandinavia.

They also coincide with Donald Trump’s final decision to repeal the 1987 INF settlement signed in between Ronald Reagan And Mikhail Gorbachev. The Intermediate Nuclear Drive Treaty (INF), “aimed to remove small and medium selection nuclear weapons from their respective nationwide arsenals.”

We are at a hazardous crossroads. It is critical to restore sanity in global diplomacy to prevent the unthinkable. 

Take a look at the overlapping chronology of these war game titles. (September-December 2018).

It is worth noting that Russia has harnessed the army aid of two of Washington’s (previous?) allies, particularly India and Pakistan, both equally of which are now comprehensive users of the Shanghai Cooperation Firm (SCO). 

October 25, 2018. NATO War Online games. Most significant considering that Chilly War

NATO war game titles less than Procedure Trident Juncture begin on Oct 25, 2018. Trident Juncture 2018 is NATO’s largest exercising given that the Chilly War.

About 50.000 troops, 250 aircrafts, aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman, 64 vessels and 10,000 cars will take part to Nato’s collective defence scenario (Report 5) from 25 Oct to 7 November 2018.

All Nato’s associates as very well as NATO partners Finland and Sweden will take part. (See World Analysis, October 21, 2018)


September 13, 2018: Russia-China-Mongolia War Game titles in Eastern Siberia. Russia’s Biggest War Game titles Ever

Russia, China and Mongolia undertook The Vostok-2018 drills in jap Siberia near to China’s border. The exercising was on on large scale involving 300,000 Russian forces. “The workout routines, … entail additional than 1,000 military aircrafts as nicely as up to 36,000 tanks, … China despatched about 3,200 troops, 900 overcome cars, and 30 aircrafts to be part of the drills”

September 30, 2018. Russia-Serbia Air Drills 

Jointly with Serbia, Russia launches air drill: “Pilots of Russia’s Aerospace Defence Forces and the Serbian Air Drive and Air Defence will carry out a joint tactical flight exercising BARS-2018 on the territory of the Republic of Serbia.”

The drills will see the militaries from equally nations around the world practice intercepting aerial targets, air-to-air engagements and mid-air manoeuvres.

Aircraft will also carry out tactical strikes on floor targets and a look for-and-rescue mission.

The drills appear as Russia unveiled it had established one of the world’s most highly developed missiles to day.

The Kremlin has boasted about its R-37M missile, which will change the country’s air pressure into one particular of the world’s most fearsome and has a higher range than any belonging to the US army. (Daily Star, British isles, September 30, 2018)

Oct 20, 2018  Russia-India Military Physical exercises Involving Land Forces, Navy and Air Pressure

India and Russia initiated a 10-times military services physical exercises involving land forces, navy and air drive. The war game titles were being released in the eastern military district of Russia. The timing of these war video games coincides with the onslaught of these conducted by NATO in Scandinavia and the Baltic States.

In the midst of evolving protection condition in the location, India and Russia will keep a mega war video game in Oct involving their armies, navies and the air forces for the initially time to even more ramp up army ties.

The workout Indra, which will be held in Russia from October 19 to 29, will mostly emphasis on attaining coordination among forces of the two nations in a tri- providers integrated theatre command scenario, army sources claimed.

Of significance, the Russia-India war games are also marked by the institution of joint command and command structures involving the two nations.

what is at stake is a geopolitical realignment. We are no for a longer time working with a bilateral military cooperation agreement. India has not only entered Russia’s armed service orbit, it is now a comprehensive  member alongside one another with Pakistan of the Shanghai Cooperation Firm (SCO).

In new developments, the SCO is evolving in direction of a de facto collective protection arrangement with Russia and China playing a central  role. In switch, India is slated to acquire Russia’s S400 point out of the art air protection system.

December 2018: India-China

It is well worth noting that India and China have also reasserted their intent to make upon a armed service cooperation in just the framework of the SCO:

“India and China have agreed to resume the joint military services training, Hand-in-Hand, which was suspended just after the Doklam experience-off. In sync with the renewed endeavours by both nations to reset ties, the military exercising will get location in the 2nd week of December in Kunming, China.”

October 22, 2018. Russia-Pakistan

Coinciding with the Russia-India war video games (which commenced on Oct 20), Russia is also associated in a joint coaching exercise with Pakistan which commenced on Monday October 22.

Russian Military Contingent arrived in Pakistan to take part in Pak-Russia Joint Schooling Excercise ‘Druzhba-III’. This is 3rd work out as component of Pak-Russia bilateral education cooperation. The 1st Work out was held in Pakistan all through 2016 although 2nd in Russia for the duration of 2017. pic.twitter.com/Qbu8zx7tQl

What this finally indicates is that neither Pakistan nor India are no lengthier Washington’s reliable allies.

But also, the conflict amongst India and Pakistan, which dates again to the British empire, is in the course of action of being resolved less than the auspices of the SCO.

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Dangerous Crossroads: Comprehensive Russian and Allied War Games in Reaction to US-NATO Buildup

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