Russia Deploys Its Avangard Hypersonic Glide Motor vehicle

Authored by Andrei Akulov by way of The Strategic Tradition Foundation,

On Oct. 12 CNBC noted that Russia had hit a snag in its enhancement of its hypersonic weapon, because it was at the time not able to uncover a source for the critical carbon fiber parts. The information agency mentioned that the Pentagon experienced doubts that the Avangard hypersonic glide car or truck (HGV) existed. Skepticism seems widespread. Some think that Russia’s new tremendous weapons are “digital truth,” even though other individuals feel they are “mainly hype.” In March, the National Interest cited Michael Kofman, a study scientist for the Centre for Naval Analyses and a very revered analyst, who provided his assurances that there was no probability Russia could industry its hypervelocity improve-glide weapon by 2019.  But heritage has shown that these who thought it to be just a bluff have been confirmed improper.

According to recent Russian media reports, the Avangard hypersonic raise-glide system, a person of the new super weapons that President Putin stated in his address to the Federal Assembly in March, went into manufacturing last summer time and will be operational with the 13th Strategic Missile Forces division by the close of 2019. It will be deployed near Yasny, a town 502 kilometers (312 mi) southeast of Orenburg in the southern Urals, by the end of 2019.

Ordinarily it requires two techniques for a regiment to be combat prepared by that time, but in this scenario that selection will be greater to six. At least two regiments with 6 systems just about every are anticipated to be battle-completely ready by 2027. In accordance to the condition armaments plan (GPV2027), twelve UR-100UTTKh (NATO: SS-19 Stiletto) missiles will be built-in into the Avangard hypersonic glide autos (HGVs). The deployment of the HGV might start out with no additional flight assessments. Sooner or later, the Sarmat RS-28 ICBM could be utilized to produce the Avangard, probably carrying a solitary, large thermonuclear warhead with a generate exceeding two megatons.  

The strengthen-glide weapon can fly at speeds of about Mach 20 or about 15,300 miles per hour (4 miles for each next). It could access Washington in 15 minutes even if released from Russia. There is no way to intercept it, as it moves in a cloud of plasma “like a meteorite.”  The weapon is unique for its means to stand up to excessive heat in the course of the last period of its trajectory many thanks to its heat-resistant titanium casing. Its in-flight temperature reaches 1,600-2,000° Celsius.

It is not possible to forecast the way of its tactic. Put in on the 200-ton Sarmat, the Avangard could be sent into the preferred orbit at an altitude of 100 km from Earth applying a pre-booster, gliding to its goal at a velocity of Mach 20 (5-7 km/s) although maneuvering with the assistance of stabilizers. It can make rapid system modifications in the ambiance.  Its signatures are very unique from these of standard ICBMs. Innovative countermeasure systems raise its potential to penetrate missile defenses.

The Avangard is the very first HGV in the planet to have absent into generation, as very well as the initial to journey at terrific altitude in the dense layers of the atmosphere when deftly maneuvering. According to General John Hyten, head of US Strategic Command, 

“We really don’t have any defense that could deny the employment of these kinds of a weapon from us.”

Serial production of Sarmat ICBMs is scheduled to start out in 2021. The UR-100N UTTKn and the Sarmat could have a number of Avangard glide automobiles.

Other ICBNs, this kind of as the RS-24 Yars and RS-26 Rubezh, can possibly accommodate smaller Avangard-variety cars need to the New Start off Treaty not be prolonged.  The tempo of the glide vehicle’s deployment and modernization can be expedited depending on the progress of the talks with the United States on strategic nuclear arms.  Considering the fact that its trajectory renders the Avangard immune to missile-protection devices, the HGV will develop into a powerful argument that can be wielded at that round desk.   

Prolonged-range, large-precision hypersonic glide cars can be made use of in regular conflicts to deliver prompt worldwide strikes, such as towards individuals enemies who have the air- and missile-protection abilities to counter aerial targets, cruise missiles, and smaller sized- and medium-variety ballistic missiles. The regular Avangard can be made use of with the exact effectiveness as nuclear shipping and delivery autos, as a result generating escalation to a nuclear stage needless below certain conditions. The HGV does not violate the New Commence Treaty or any other global agreement.

The announcement of the strategies to field the HGV as early as upcoming yr establish that Russia was not bluffing. This activity-switching weapon not only exists, but is already in production. This is a slam dunk for the Russian defense field and for those scholars who managed to resolve the issue of how to tolerate huge heat throughout hypersonic flight. The US will have to perform capture-up.

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Russia Deploys Its Avangard Hypersonic Glide Motor vehicle

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