Syria: Interview with a Previous Sniper with Ahrar al Sham “Rebel” Terrorist Team

The adhering to posting is by Janice Kortkamp, a sincere and courageous American citizen who frequented Syria on many occasions.


I was supplied the option to job interview this person and was grateful for it since this will get into the very coronary heart of the conflict right here. The “moderate rebels”, the “freedom fighters” … these armed groups that have been straight supported by my authorities.

It is ironic most likely that the team this person was in is Ahrar al Sham (an Al Qaeda affiliated group). On my initially excursion in May possibly 2016, I was heading from a village close to Homs to the metropolis. The road at that time was fairly hazardous and ‘hot’ since the complete plain from the hills where by I’d been to Homs was scattered with ISIS, al Qaeda and quite a few other teams who managed diverse villages in the location.

We handed right by a electric power station on the street and just beyond it is/was an Alawite village called al Zara that was pointed out to me. That early morning the individuals of al Zara have been going about a typical day. I remember I waved in direction of it and said “hello al Zara” for some motive.

We got to Homs. Up coming day that village was attacked by Ahrar al Sham and al Nusra with each other. A massacre. Adult men and gals and young children slaughtered. 1 report from another person I take into account credible and who has tested correct usually, explained the terrorists hung some little ones up immediately after they experienced witnessed their mother and father getting killed. They burned them to demise.

On one more journey, while in Aleppo, was scheduled to go to a refugee center to meet up with with people coming from eastern Aleppo. The working day in advance of we went, Ahrar al Sham and al Nusra bombed buses of Shiite villagers leaving the terrorist-beseiged villages of Kefraya and Foua in Idlib as a prisoner swap deal. 5,000 folks were being currently being transported but as a remaining gesture by the “rebel” terrorists who adore “freedom and democracy” they arranged bombs to focus on some of the buses. They killed about 100 – largely youngsters. The survivors had been brought to the refugee heart we ended up visiting and we received to talk to them. Vanessa Beeley was also there and did significant interviews and content about it.

So all that to say, I individually know anything of the character of the group Ahrar al Sham. Once more, it is a group instantly supported by the US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey as “moderates” who gained income, weapons like superior weaponry, intelligence aid, etc. The US has refused during the war to designate it as a terrorist group.

Now about Adnan.

He has 5 young children and is from al Waer contrary to several of the fighters who had been in that suburb who came from all around Syria and some from other nations around the world. As we approached him he was occupied welding some decorations on to a door. No eye defense and using tobacco, he seemed material and even jovial, quite keen to talk though relatively manic. We went into a place up coming door and began.

Adnan is walking cost-free in al Waer mainly because he recognized reconciliation from the govt.  As Homs city was getting liberated from the a lot of armed teams that had terrorized it for years, fighters moved into al Waer and it became a stronghold that was not totally liberated right until 2017 – not fully by using armed forces victory but via this approach known as “reconciliation”.

Essentially the offer was that fighters keen to lay down their arms and re-enter civil society or fight for the Syrian Military could do so. Or they could get their family members and private possessions together with rifles to Idlib or Jarablus. Most civilians selected to continue to be and some of the fighters like Adnan as very well. Idlib in certain is now populated by tens of countless numbers of fighters and their people who refused to prevent fighting in opposition to the governing administration. Many have been misled by the terrorist leaders into considering they would be killed by the Syrian Army if they stayed. Absolutely nothing of the sort occurred of system which I’ll elaborate on in a foreseeable future put up.

In accordance to all the 1st hand testimonies I have read, like people in al Waer, as armed groups took more than spots the civilized culture of Syria was replaced with their violence and rule by sharia legislation. Minorities have been pushed out or executed.

You could possibly inquire how any rational human being would opt for to remain in this kind of conditions like the civilians who have stayed in terrorist held places.

How to test to demonstrate this in techniques Americans can have an understanding of? This is the most effective I can appear up with: think about you are a white American and the white supremacist movement has gained  momentum thanks to external assistance from other nations around the world who want to demolish The united states. These other countries use non end propaganda to fuel fears amongst whites that the governing administration and minority teams want all the whites dead.

Those people other nations around the world bring in substantial numbers of weapons and large stacks of money to white supremacist leaders and fanatics about the borders of Canada and Mexico. Numerous whites buy into the whole charade out of worry or feelings of hatred towards minorities. Finding sucked into the mob mentality they get started to look at their minority neighbors, even former good friends, with distrust and prejudice. The teams consider above crucial towns and ‘purify’ them of minorities. Most whites in the US see this is occurring and resist it all but others settle for it and continue to be in their cities and just endure through it for the reason that even though they do not like the way the white supremacists are dealing with them they at the very least can stay and get the job done. Indeed, identical to the Nazi ideology.

Switch Sunni supremacists with white supremacists and you get the plan of what happened in this article. No matter if political, racist or religious, extremism qualified prospects to violence and chaos.

It is totally essential to comprehend that most Sunnis in Syria do NOT assistance this ideology or these “rebel” terrorists. Though Sunnis are the good greater part right here only a minority of them went towards their govt. In reality the majority of the military and governing administration are Sunnis as is President Assad’s wife, the 1st Woman Asma.

So back again again to Adnan.

As the groups took over al Waer they obtained adult males and youths to join them employing a lot of various signifies. Very first, the family members of any man or son that joined the bring about was effectively handled. They got food stuff for example and clinical care. Families whose fathers and sons did not battle went starving and had been persecuted. This was the inspiration of Adnan in accordance to him. Is he telling the reality? Only God is aware of.

Other folks were being lured by the significant shell out provided many thanks to the deep pockets of the Persian Gulf states especially Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Fighters for “rebel” groups ordinarily were being compensated ten instances what soldiers in the Syrian Army are paid out. They also bought benefits like women of all ages and drugs, specially captagon, which I explain as like crystal meth. It would make you oblivious to suffering, fear and fatigue for days. Also helps make you crazy.

Of training course there are all those who are actually brainwashed and assistance the thought of Syria becoming a religious fundamentalist sharia legislation primarily based point out. This is anathema to the fantastic vast majority of Syrians of all faiths and backgrounds. The harmony and mutual respect amongst spiritual teams, the empowerment of gals, the private freedoms and basic safety listed here are valuable and secured. The brainwashed ones teach their youngsters to despise and destroy as they do. In truth, “rebel” terrorist teams utilised even youngsters as snipers, fighters and suicide bombers. 1 sniper was only nine years previous in jap Aleppo. Of course the western governments and media hardly ever speak of this or the consistent atrocities of their pet “rebels”. They really do not care about the small children being lifted up to be the following technology of ISIS and al Qaeda.

So whatsoever his rationale actually was, Adnan became a sniper for Ahrar al Sham, 1 of strongest of numerous groups in al Waer. He and other individuals like him ended up stationed in the high rises of the community. From their vantage points they could shoot people today on the streets or soldiers significantly outside the spot to instill terror in the men and women of Homs.

On the edge of al Waer is the occupied street from Homs to Tartous. Most persons in Syria journey on buses equally big and little from place to place. The terrorists in al Waer had checkpoints established up on the highway in addition to the snipers. They would quit the buses. Alawites, Christians and Shiites would be divided. Quite a few ended up executed outright other folks were kidnapped and held for ransom. If the ransom was not compensated the victims would normally be chopped into items and laid out on occupied streets as a warning of what would materialize if demands weren’t fulfilled.

These forms of crimes had been literally 100% non existent in Syria before Obama and Hillary and McCain and Graham and Rubio etc started off arming and supporting the terrorist “freedom fighters”. Syria was the 5th most secure region in the entire world according to Gallup polls.

I asked Adnan about overseas fighters, specifically commanders. He stated the commanders were generally behind the scenes and the common fighters hardly ever dealt with them, only their regional lieutenants. Every single fighter was presented a new name – they and the commanders never ever employed their genuine names.

Another dilemma I had was this … many fighters and their supporters declare this ‘revolution’ was versus the federal government mainly because they were not permitted to criticize the President/federal government and they ended up fighting for that freedom. In my particular experience conversing with Syrians numerous appear pretty open up and specific really serious fears about many concerns truly but it is nicely known that stability is restricted here. About the war men and women have learned how lethal Syria’s enemies are and this points out some of why this is so. Also Syria  ahead of Hafez al Assad had endured through a lot of coups (generally assisted by outside governments like the US) that destabilized the place. Anyway, that’s a matter for an additional report. My concern to Adnan was – whilst people today residing under the rule of the armed teams ended up capable to criticize President Assad all day very long and cheered on performing it, ended up they authorized to criticize their “rebel” rulers? Of course not was the solution. Intense punishment, even execution have been the penalties for these types of crimes.

Adnan, for all his wild eyed, semi-manic mannerisms struck me as pragmatic, not fanatical. I intentionally held out my hand to shake his to see if he would contact a lady and he did devoid of hesitation. Perhaps he seriously does want to just shift on or probably he is a crouching tiger, a ticking time bomb I just can’t judge that.

At the finish I questioned him what his assistance was to the “rebels” keeping Idlib. His response, if I’m knowledge it correctly, was “the teach will retain going but canine continue to be behind” by which I consider he meant that their defeat is inescapable but several will stubbornly keep fighting out of spite and stupidity.

Adnan, whilst I’m confident he is remaining intently observed, is free of charge now to make a decision his long term –  unlike the innocent Syrians he killed. The reconciliation application is remarkably controversial. A lot of Syrians will by no means forgive or rely on individuals who took up arms versus their state and their neighbors. Others see it as a successful technique for ending the violence in quite a few spots.  Only time will convey to. This is a thing for Syrians by yourself to discussion and choose. The agony and suffering are theirs on your own. Their long term is way too.


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Syria: Interview with a Previous Sniper with Ahrar al Sham “Rebel” Terrorist Team

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