Are You Subsequent the Unsupported Adventurers Crossing Antarctica?

Have you heard about the intrepid adult men presently making an attempt to cross from just one facet of Antarctica, passing over the South Pole, wholly unsupported, dragging all their food stuff and provides with them? No one has at any time correctly performed this just before and now two adult males, Colin O’Brady, a 33-year-old American, and Louis Rudd, 49, a British Military Captain, are, even at this moment, trudging throughout the great frozen continent. If successful, one or both equally adult men will have crossed at least 921 miles. They will also ascend from sea amount to properly around 9,000 feet in elevation.

Mainly because the journey is unsupported, they both equally haul really weighty sleds with all the gear they’ll want. At the commencing of the journey, their haul was practically 400 pounds each individual. They won’t be resupplying at any issue. They are on their possess.

Both of those gentlemen are having the identical route, so it is a little something of a race, however informally. Rudd and O’Brady both of those established out on the Ronne Ice Shelf, because of south of Patagonia, and are heading for the South Pole, additional than 650 miles away. Once there, they strategy to head, well, north, although every way from the South Pole is north, technically, to make for the Ross Ice Shelf, finishing their journey.

Rudd has fought in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Kosovo considering that enlisting in the British armed forces as a teenager. He’s no stranger to cold climate exploration or Antarctica possibly. In 2012, he traveled to the South Pole with Henry Worsley, adhering to famed explorer Roald Amundsen’s 920-mile route. Worsley died of sickness even though making an attempt an unsupported crossing of Antarctica back in 2016.

O’Brady is a expert journey athlete and veteran of intense mountaineering feats. He’s climbed all 7 Summits—each continent’s greatest peak—and has skied to equally the North and South Poles.

Their crossing commenced on November 3, so they’ve had roughly 10 days of journey as a result far. Equally adventurers are publishing updates on social media so we can monitor their development. Remarkable, truly.

Their very first significant impediment has been sastrugi—ridges of ice blown up by snow that skiers need to go more than or all over, and as you can visualize, are a important soreness in the butt to deal with.

Subsequent, dreaded whiteout disorders have significantly slowed their progress.

The journey could take as long as two months. We’ll be following their progress and submitting updates as we see them.

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Are You Subsequent the Unsupported Adventurers Crossing Antarctica?

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