Hell Hath No Fury Like A Liberal Scorned: The Media Turns On Fb And Google

Authored by Charles Hugh Smith by using OfTwoMinds weblog,

This is the unsightly truth of the matter: Facebook and Google are financial gain-maximizing quasi-monopolies who will do nearly anything to shield their monopolies.

Of the several remarkable development changes of the past yr, handful of are a lot more striking than the fawning embrace of Facebook et al. by Massive Media turning to an enraged perception of betrayal. Facebook and Google–by their have self-definitions, shining beacons of liberalism and goodness (we are not evil, we are fantabulous!)– had been seen by the famously liberal Massive Media as allies in the battle against Trump, illiberalism, populism, deglobalization, and many others.

Now, to their horror, Significant Media has found out that not only did their Significant Tech sweethearts betray their passion and trust, they’re just a different bunch of predatory profit-maximizing monopolies who will stab any one and absolutely everyone in the back again who gets in their way to increased earnings and much more electricity.

It would be unfortunate if it was not so pathetic. Poor Big Media, so nervous to be hip and with it, so nervous to impress social media when striving to exploit its access to prop up their very own dying organization model. Significant Media, so easily seduced by Huge Tech: we are liberal, far too, and with each other we are going to direct the world out of darkness into light-weight, blah blah blah.

Then Huge Media found its advantage-signaling liberal sweetheart, Significant Tech, is just as threatened by liberals as by conservatives, and it turns its firepower on liberals with the very same savage abandon as it does on unbiased and conservative media.

The bitter rage of the formerly besotted and now betrayed suitor is obvious in these current articles in The Atlantic, New York Moments and Washington Post, all bastions of virtue-signaling self-righteous defense of the point out-cartel Empire, a.k.a. liberalism.

When the Tech Mythology Collapses (The Atlantic)

Hold off, Deny and Deflect: How Facebook’s Leaders Fought As a result of Disaster (NY Instances)

How Google Safeguarded Andy Rubin, the ‘Father of Android’ (NY Situations)

It’s time to start out regulating Facebook (Washington Publish)

The substantial dudgeon of WaPo is specially amusing to those us blacklisted by the faux-liberal Washington Post’s witch-looking advertising of a bogus checklist of “Russian propaganda” web pages in 2016. As I observed lately, some observers suspect Facebook is working with this similar baseless, reality-no cost libelous record in its shadow banning of unbiased journalists and commentators.

That Facebook would stick a knife in neoliberal globalist George Soros (gasp!) to mask its calumny may have been an eye-opener for the enamored liberals who foolishly believed the facile PR of Facebook, Google et al. Nobody’s much more offended that the chump who falls for the evident rip-off, a fraud that any streetwise man or woman would have noticed a mile away.

Significant Media so desperately wanted a husband or wife in its faux-liberal virtue-signaling that it overlooked the abundant evidence that Fb and Google are only interested in reaping billions of pounds in at any time increased concentrations of prosperity and electric power. These are organizations, soon after all, and just like the businesses that individual Massive Media, maximizing revenue is their sole raison d’etre, self-congratulatory preening promises of community company wonderfulness aside.

Here is the unpleasant truth of the matter: Fb and Google are revenue-maximizing quasi-monopolies who will do anything at all to secure their monopolies. Just like all the other monopolies that had to be busted up to safeguard the community from their predatory electrical power.

I just acquired this e-mail from the Wall Road Journal: the Big media war on Fb just opened a new front, and it looks like a take-no-prisoners conflict now:

With Fb Underneath Siege, Zuckerberg Adopts Extra Intense Design

Mark Zuckerberg collected roughly 50 of his leading lieutenants previously this calendar year and told them that Fb was at war and he planned to direct the firm accordingly.

Mr. Zuckerberg’s new technique is producing unparalleled turmoil atop Fb, driving a number of crucial executives from the business, in accordance to persons common with the make any difference.

I’ve written a lot about these concerns: here’s a selection of new essays:

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Hell Hath No Fury Like A Liberal Scorned: The Media Turns On Fb And Google

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