US Exposes Assad’s “Evil Prepare” To Hurl Center East Into Chaos

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On November 15, US Ambassador to Syria James Jeffrey uncovered an evil program of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to generate ISIS and to hurl the Center East, notably Syria and Iraq, into chaos.

“We also assume that you are not able to have an enduring defeat of ISIS until eventually you have fundamental adjust in the Syrian routine and fundamental change in Iran’s position in Syria, which contributed drastically to the rise of ISIS in the very first position in 2013, 2014,” Jeffery mentioned all through a push briefing.

“The Syrian routine developed ISIS,” the diplomat added indicating that the steps of the Damascus government designed an possibility for ISIS to mature.

By these remarks, Mr. Jeffrey just re-invented an previous-fashioned propaganda narrative used by the so-known as Syrian opposition to explain how it appeared that the key forces opposing the Assad govt in Syria is ISIS and al-Qaeda. Then, Western-sponsored professional-opposition media shops ended up saying that the Assad governing administration is in some way guilty that the main opposition to it is the internationally recognized terrorist teams.

In 2018, this narrative grew to become beneficial for Washington to justify its additional military services presence in the war-torn state. The US-led coalition is contributing sizeable endeavours to beat ISIS in its past serious stronghold in the country – in the Hajin pocket – in a way that would not provide considerable destruction to the terrorist team. Even so, the multi-month procedure to defeat ISIS in Hajin can’t past endlessly. Thus, some new official pretext to hold troops in Syria will be quite beneficial.

The real ambitions of the US are to limit the influence of Russia in the region and to guide Israel in its very long-standing standoff in opposition to Iran.

In the meantime, in the region of al-Safa exactly where ISIS cells are also offered the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has also temporarily halted its advance on the terrorist group. This time due to weak climate conditions.

The new SAA thrust built to put an conclusion to ISIS presence in al-Safa began on November 11. Given that then, the SAA experienced state-of-the-art quite a few km deep into the ISIS-held area and captured quite a few new positions. Need to the climate enhance, the SAA will keep on its advance on the terrorists’ positions.

In the so-termed Idlib de-escalation zone, northern Hama has been the most hot point exactly where violations of the ceasefire have been noted many occasions. Specifically, Jaish al-Izza and other militant groups when once again attacked SAA positions from the instructions of al-Lataminah and al-Zakat.

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US Exposes Assad’s “Evil Prepare” To Hurl Center East Into Chaos

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