Abolish Militarism and War: To a Shared Vision of a Demilitarized Globe

Dear Pals,

It is fantastic to be right here with you all. I would like to thank the organizers for inviting me to deal with the convention.  To start with I thank you all for your operate for peace.  It is good that we will have an possibility in the subsequent few days to get to know each and every other and collectively explore what kind of a world we want to reside in?  There will be a lot of various views on this and the way forward, but allow us concur to respect each other and to interact in deep listening and conversation no make a difference how challenging and exactly where the dialogue could get us!

Allow us be encouraged by the point that we have made an significant first action when we concur to enter into dialogue, and when we agree that peace is both equally the indicates and the wonderful achievable present. It would be great way too no make any difference what space of social/political improve we do the job in, if we can unite on a shared vision of a demilitarized planet and uncover power in agreeing we will not limit ourselves to civilizing and slowing down militarism, but demanding its total abolition.

Some folks may possibly argue that peace is not doable in these kinds of a very militarized world.  However, I feel that peace is both feasible and urgent.  It is achievable when we each become impassioned about peace and loaded with an ethic that makes peace our objective and we just about every place into exercise our moral perception of political/social duty to develop peace and justice.

To make peace we are challenged to reject the bomb, the bullet, and all the methods of violence.  Sadly, we are frequently bombarded with the glorification of militarism and war for that reason making a tradition of peace and nonviolence will not be an quick endeavor.  We are listening to about the constructing of a European military and we are requested to settle for austerity and finances cuts to our overall health, training, and many others. even though escalating dollars to our individual armies and also European navy enlargement.

The North Atlantic Treaty Firm-NATO, which should really have been disbanded when the Warsaw Pact was dissolved, keep on to have out wars and proxy wars in quite a few nations around the world pushing towards the borders of Russia and resurrecting a cold war between the East and West. I think that NATO must be disbanded and need to be made accountable and make restitutions to the tens of millions of folks in countries these kinds of as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and many some others it has illegally attacked, invaded, ruined.   We will hardly ever be permitted by our governments, or our mainstream media, to listen to numerous of the stories of the lives of so quite a few civilians killed by US/NATO forces.  NATO forces have qualified and assassinated individuals and complete people.

It is to all our disgrace in the Worldwide neighborhood, that their illegal criminal acts   of horror and bloodletting which embodies the comeback of barbarism, is allowed to proceed.  NATO must be brought in advance of the Intercontinental Felony Court  for war crimes.

It would be all much too effortless to point fingers and participate in the blame sport but unless we all just take responsibility for the highly dangerous militarised condition with which we are faced in the globe now, issues will not get much better.

Ireland with the militarization of its International and Defence Policy has been unfaithful to the Irish peoples’ desire for a Neutral Point out and worse by remaining complicit in accommodating unlawful wars.  Ireland’s peace activists have been peacefully protesting US navy use of Irish airports whereby more than two and a fifty percent million armed US troops have handed through Shannon Airport on their way to and from the US-led Afghan and Iraq wars.  I think ireland should really refuse authorization to any even more stopover and refueling amenities remaining granted to aeroplanes ferrying troops or munitions to the wars and also withdraw Irish participation from all NATO and EU armed service functions overseas.

Eire is deeply admired in a lot of nations around the world and has a proud history in encouraging establishing countries.   Their job as mediators and peace negotiators is well recognized.   I would like to propose that Eire disband their military and concentrate their finance and persons on creating their wonderful expertise in the science of peacemaking as a result of a Federal government Dept. of Peace.   Recommitting to its tradition of neutrality and multilateralism, putting ethics, morality and justice as core values at the heart of its overseas coverage would send out a obvious information of Irish Authorities rejecting the street of militarism and war and deciding on the road of peace and reconciliation, both equally regionally and internationally.

For our survival as a result of the UN we require to go to Normal and Full Disarmament – which include nuclear weapons.  This is not an not possible aspiration.  I commend the Irish Federal government in their perform at UN to work for Nuclear Disarmament.  I believe that we can choose hope from Pope Francis statement immediately after pointing out the hazards of nuclear weapons when he says‚

The menace of their use, as well as their pretty possession, is to be firmly condemned.

And the Pope quotations as an case in point the

historic vote at the UN the bulk of the users of the global neighborhood determined that nuclear weapons are not only immoral, but also must be viewed as an illegal usually means of warfare.’

It is to be hoped that Uk, Israel, Usa and other nuclear armed states will begin to dismantle their nuclear weapons and enable transform back again the palms of the doomsday clock.   Up to the finish of 1961 at the United Nations typical and complete disarmament was the intention of all governments.  In a joint Soviet-United states statement of 20 Sep l961 they mentioned,

‘The purpose of negotiations is to attain arrangement on a program which will be certain that disarmament is normal and complete and war is no extended an instrument for settling global problems’.

Allow us unite our voices to phone for an finish to enmity and war, and for President Trump and President Putin to be part of jointly with all globe leaders in a Planet Peace Meeting to work for an agreed Programme of Standard and Complete Disarmament.  This kind of courageous leadership toward dialogue and disarmament would give hope to humanity.


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Mairead Corrigan Maguire, co-founder of Peace Folks, is a member of the TRANSCEND Community for Peace Enhancement Ecosystem. She won the 1976 Nobel Peace Prize for her work for peace in Northern Ireland. Her reserve The Vision of Peace (edited by John Pricey, with a foreword by Desmond Tutu and a preface by the Dalai Lama) is readily available from www.wipfandstock.com. She lives in Belfast, Northern Ireland. See: www.peacepeople.com.

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Abolish Militarism and War: To a Shared Vision of a Demilitarized Globe

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