Revenge Is Mine Saith Washington. Kafka Police State, Julian Assange’s ongoing Eight Year Ordeal

Justice has disappeared in the West. In Justice’s put stands Revenge. This reality is conclusively illustrated by Julian Assange’s ongoing eight yr ordeal.

For eight several years Julian Assange’s existence has been lived in a Kafka Law enforcement Condition. He has been incarcerated to start with under British dwelling arrest and then in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London, irrespective of the absence of any fees submitted against him.

Meanwhile, the entirety of the Western planet, with the exception of former Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa and a UN agency that examined the case and dominated Assange was getting illegally detained by the Uk government’s refusal to honor his grant of political asylum, has turned its back to the injustice.

Assange is locked away in the Ecuadorean Embassy, since to shield him from false arrest, former Ecuadorean President Correa gave him political asylum. Nevertheless, the corrupt and servile Uk govt that serves Washington, and not justice or legislation, refused to honor Assange’s asylum. The US vassal recognized as the Uk stands ready to arrest Assange on Washington’s orders if he techniques exterior the embassy and to hand him in excess of to Washington, the place a substantial amount of the two Democrats and Republicans in Congress have stated he should really be executed. The Trump routine, carrying on the unlawful procedures of its forebears, has a solution indictment ready to be unveiled the moment they have their fingers on Assange.

The latest president of Ecuador a servant of Washington, Lenin Moreno—a man or woman so lacking in character that his name is an insult to Lenin— is working a offer with Washington to rescind Assange’s grant of asylum so that the Ecuadorean Embassy in London has to expel Assange into the palms of Washington.

What has Assange carried out? He has accomplished nothing at all but to convey to the truth of the matter. He is a journalist who heads Wikileaks, a news corporation that publishes leaked documents—exactly as the New York Moments published the leaked Pentagon Papers from Daniel Ellsberg. Just as the publication of the Pentagon Papers ashamed the US authorities and served to convey about the conclusion of the senseless Vietnam War, the documents leaked to Wikileaks humiliated the US authorities by revealing Washington’s war crimes, lies, and deception of the American people today and US allies.

The allies, of program, were acquired off by Washington and remained silent, but Washington intends to crucify Assange for the humiliation and payoff expenditure he triggered the felony federal government in Washington.

In get to assert authority about Assange, Washington is employing the added-territoriality of US legislation, a assert that Washington bases not on law but on could possibly by yourself and uses to violate the sovereignty of independent international locations. Assange is a citizen of Australia and Ecuador. He is not subject matter to US legislation. Even if he were being, he has fully commited no espionage. The untrue equivalence Washington is seeking to create among the work out of the First Amendment and treason reveals how completely lost are the American persons. The silence of the US media demonstrates that the presstitutes don’t brain dropping the 1st Amendment’s safety as they have no intention of telling any truths.

Washington’s secret indictment—it is magic formula so that two-little bit punks this sort of as James Ball can create in the Guardian that Assange faces no danger of arrest (see this) —most most likely accuses Assange of espionage. But it is not lawfully doable to accuse a non-citizen running outdoors the region of espionage. All nations around the world interact in espionage. Each and every nation on earth could accuse Washington of espionage and arrest the CIA. The CIA could, as it frequently has, accuse Israel of espionage. Of course, any Israeli, these kinds of as Jonathan Pollard, who is convicted of espionage in the US results in being a point of rivalry concerning Washington and Israel and Israel usually wins. The corrupt Obama regime unveiled Pollard from his lifestyle sentence on orders and, no question, generous bribes, from Israel.

If Assange were being Israeli, he would be dwelling no cost, but he is a citizen of two countries whose governments location significant worth on getting Washington’s vassals.

There was a time in The usa, quite a few decades in the past, when the Democrats stood for justice and the Republicans stood for greed.

József Mindszenty 1974.jpg

There was a time in The united states, prior to 9/11, when the media would have rushed to the protection of the liberty of the press and defended Assange from his mistreatment and untrue costs. To be confident that the reader understands the mistreatment of Assange, it is similar to the mistreatment of Cardinal Josef Mindszenty (picture on the correct) of Hungary whose asylum in the US Embassy in Budapest was not acknowledged by the Soviet federal government, forcing Mindszenty to reside out all but three a long time of his remaining daily life in the US embassy. President Nixon negotiated his release in 1971, but the Nixon haters give Nixon no credit for his notice to just one man locked absent in an injustice aspect of the earth. (See this)

Today there is no such consideration to injustice other than for the “victim” teams in Identity Politics. In which is the winner of Assange now that Rafael Correa has to dwell overseas to keep away from persecution by Washington’s puppet Moreno?

The weak point of the intellect in the West is scary. Caitlin Johnstone tells us about it:

“Trump’s despicable prosecution of Assange, and company liberalism’s entire-throated assist for it, has totally discredited all of mainstream US politics on both of those sides of the aisle. No person in that incredibly hot mess stands for something. If you are nonetheless on the lookout to Trump or the Democrats to secure you from the growing tide of fascism, the time to make your exit is now.”

The entirety of the Western print and Television set media—even Russia’s RT—serves as a propaganda ministry for Washington from Assange. For instance, we examine above and in excess of that Assange is hiding out in the London Ecuadorean Embassy to prevent rape rates in Sweden. That the presstitutes and the feminists can keep this bogus declare alive despite all the official repudiation of it exhibits the Matrix in which Western peoples are corralled.

Assange has never ever been charged with rape. The two Swedish gals who seduced him and introduced him into their beds in their homes never ever explained he raped them. Assange’s tribulations commenced when a person of the females who seduced him nervous that he did not use a condom and that he could have HIV or Aids. She questioned Assange to get a exam to see if he was intercourse condition totally free, and Assange, offended, refused. This was his blunder. He ought to have claimed, “of course, I fully grasp your concern” and taken the check.

The female went to the law enforcement to see if Assange could be pressured to get the take a look at. It was the law enforcement who turned this into a rape investigation. Fees had been brought, and the Swedish prosecutorial place of work investigated and dropped all costs as the sex was consensual.

Assange left Sweden lawfully, not in flight as the story that Washington has planted has it. He went to England, another error as England is Washington’s playground. Washington and/or lesbian feminists lusting for the conviction of a heterosexual male confident a woman Swedish prosecutor to reopen the closed case.

In an unparalleled act, the Swedish prosecutor issued an buy to the United kingdom for Assange to be handed over for questioning. Extradition orders are only valid for submitted rates, and there had been no filed costs, only dismissed costs. Never ahead of experienced even the corrupt British isles federal government granted an extradition order for questioning. The Uk govt, Washington’s puppet, agreed to hand in excess of Assange to Sweden. It was entirely apparent as there was no scenario in Sweden towards Assange that the Swedish prosecutor, likely for a massive sum, would switch Assange in excess of to Washington, a spot in which no authorized protections exist for everyone, not even for these, this sort of as whistleblowers, who are safeguarded by US law, but, even with the protection of law, yet go to jail.

Viewing what was coming, Assange was granted political asylum by President Correa and escaped home detention in the British isles to make it to the Ecuadorean Embassy in London, where by he has been at any time due to the fact, even with the Swedish government’s dropping of all charges versus Assange and again closing the investigation.

In the meantime a US legal professional, corrupt as they all are—never think any federal indictment as they are created out of entire fabric without the need of any have to have of evidence—managed to convince an incompetent American grand jury to indict Assange for what we do not nevertheless know, but most probably for espionage.

The US grand jury that permitted the key indictment has no comprehension that they indicted a particular person for telling the truth specifically as protected—and expected if federal government is to be controlled by the people—by the US Structure. All Assange did was to publish paperwork despatched to Wikileaks by a individual with a ethical conscience who was disturbed at the blatant criminality and inhumanity of the US federal government.

There is no legal variation in any way involving Wikileaks publishing the paperwork leaked to Wikileaks, and the New York Times publishing the Pentagon Papers leaked to the New York Situations.

The big difference is the big difference in time. When Daniel Ellsberg leaked the Pentagon Papers to the New York Situations, the media experienced not been concentrated into a couple arms by the corrupt Clinton routine, and 9/11, which was made use of by Dick Cheney to criminalize fact-telling, experienced not happened. Hence in the 1970s it was even now doable that some significant element of the media may notify the reality. Even so, the only explanation that the NYTimes revealed the Pentagon Papers is that the newspaper hated Richard Nixon, who the Democratic media blamed for the Vietnam War even even though it was Democratic President Johnson’s war and Nixon wanted to conclusion it.

When the insouciant American and Western peoples accept their governments’ lies, they take their possess demise and servitude. The willingness and abandon with which the Western peoples post helps make a single conclude that they prefer servitude. They never want to be totally free, mainly because liberty has too numerous tasks, and they really don’t want the duties. They want go look at a movie, or a Television set plan, or play video online games, or have sexual intercourse, go searching, get drunk, have a drug large, or what ever form of amusement that they benefit much extra than they benefit liberty, or real truth, or justice.

To a individual of my disappearing era, it is inexplicable that the nations of the globe, substantially considerably less Americans, would stand moot while the world’s very best, most dependable and most honest journalist is established up by a fully corrupt US federal government for destruction. The final result of Assange’s persecution will be to criminalize embarrassing the US governing administration.

When I ponder this substantial injustice to which the peoples of the environment reply with silence, I marvel if those hoping to preserve Western Civilization are not misguided. (See this) What is the level of saving a absolutely corrupt civilization?

These who attack Assange are despicable. If you have a likelihood to push 1 or additional of all those who are associates of the lynch mob in entrance of a truck, believe of the act as a cleaning possibility. (See this and this)


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This post was at first published on the author’s blog site web-site: Paul Craig Roberts Institute for Political Financial system.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is a recurrent contributor to Global Research.

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Revenge Is Mine Saith Washington. Kafka Police State, Julian Assange’s ongoing Eight Year Ordeal

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