US Calls for Europe Be a part of Its War In opposition to Russia

Authored by Eric Zuesse by way of The Strategic Society Basis,

In current many years, the US Constitution’s clause that calls for a congressional declaration of war in advance of invading any country, has been ignored. Moreover, at any time considering the fact that 2012 and the passage by Congress of the Magnitsky Act sanctions against Russia, economic sanctions by the US Government have been imposed towards any organization that fails to comply with a US-imposed financial sanction a enterprise can even be fined more than a billion pounds for violating a US economic sanction.

And, so, sanctions are now the way that the US Congress actually does authorize a war — the new way, no lengthier the way which is described in the US Constitution. On the other hand, in the financial-sanctions phase of a war — this initial stage — the war is getting imposed directly against any corporation that violates a US-purchased financial sanction, in opposition to Russia, Iran, or whichever target-place the US Congress has, by usually means of such sanctions, essentially authorized a war by the US to exist — a ‘state of war’ to exist.

For the US Congress, the passage of financial sanctions against a country hence proficiently serves now as an authorization for the US President to get the US navy to invade that place, if and when the President decides to do so. No further congressional authorization is vital (besides below the US Constitution). This preliminary phase of a war penalizes only those other nations’ violating organizations immediately — not the focus on-state. Even though the US Govt punishes the violating company, the real target is the focused (sanctioned) state. Sanctions are being employed to strangle that focus on. The fined providers are mere ‘collateral damage’, in this stage of America’s new warfare. In this stage, which is now the conventional 1st stage of the US Government’s heading-to-war, the US Authorities is coercing firms to join America’s economic war, in opposition to the specified specific place — in this situation, it is a war versus Russia Russia is the place that the US Authorities needs to strangle, in this distinct occasion.

On Tuesday, 11 December, the US Home of Representatives voted unanimously (no member objected), by voice vote — unrecorded so that nobody can subsequently be blamed for everything — that President Donald Trump should really impose penalties, which could quantity to billions of dollars, from any EU-based company that participates with Russia in Russia’s Nord Stream II Pipeline to supply gas to Europe.

This “Resolution,” H.Res.1035, is titled “Expressing opposition to the completion of Nord Stream II, and for other functions,” and it closes by asserting that the US Property of Reps “supports the imposition of sanctions with regard to Nord Stream II less than area 232 of the Countering America’s Adversaries By way of Sanctions Act.”

With no member objecting, the US Residence therefore warns companies to cease executing business with Russia, because the US Authorities is established that any these kinds of business enterprise will be terminated and will maybe also be fined. The US Govt imposes its will as if it were being the dictator to the whole planet, and without the need of even needing to use its armed forces, but just economic coercion.

The US Senate doesn’t nevertheless have a similar invoice, but the unanimous passage of this just one in the Home constitutes a strong warning to Europe’s companies, that except they obey the US sanctions, huge economical penalties will be imposed on them. There are not several problems on which the US Congress is even just about 100% united in arrangement, but all through this section, the introductory period, of America’s war towards Russia, the war against Russia is definitely amongst these few instances — totally bipartisan.

According to RT, on December 12th, headlining “US lawmakers want to put a cork in Russia’s fuel pipeline to Europe”

“On Monday, Austria’s OMV electrical power team CEO Rayner Zele said that the enterprise is set to carry on financing the pipeline next 12 months. OMV has already invested some 531 million euros ($607 million) into the project, Zele advised Ria Novosti. In early December, German International Minister Heiko Maas also explained that Berlin’s abandoning the job would not make sense as Russia will nonetheless go on with it. Germany before rebuked Trump’s criticism of the project just after the US leader accused Berlin of becoming a ‘captive’ of Moscow citing Germany’s alleged dependency on all-natural gas from Russia.”

If the US Federal government fails to strangulate the economies in the nations this sort of as Russia and Iran against which it has imposed sanctions, then the following phase, of class, would be some sort of armed invasion of the specified focused region. Right before the US invaded Iraq in 2003, America’s financial sanctions killed from 100,000 to 500,000 Iraqi little ones, but then the US invaded and destroyed the nation vastly additional than just that.

Economic sanctions are an endeavor to coerce a focused country’s — in influence — surrender, but without having needing to use a armed service invasion as the coercive usually means. Any sanctioned country is thus in America’s bomb-sights, and will be conquered in a person way or another, except the US Government backs down, at some level.

According to the most substantial review that was ever done of US army bases throughout the world, there are in excess of a thousand such bases, and this is a substantial various of all non-US military bases place jointly. That study was posted in 1995. Several new US army bases have been created and manned due to the fact 1995, these types of as quite a few dozen in just a single place, Syria, where the sovereign Authorities has never ever invited them in and many occasions has purchased them to depart, but they refuse to depart. Presently, the US Authorities spends more than half of all monies that are getting put in around the globe on the navy.

Relating to the Nord Stream II Pipeline, the beneficiaries if that Pipeline is under no circumstances accomplished and placed into services, will be American LNG (Liquefied Normal Fuel) producers, and also America’s allies these as Saudi Arabia and Israel. Earth War III could truly commence as a consequence of the US Government’s serving America’s (and its allies’) fossil-fuels producers previously mentioned all other fears relating to not only worldwide warming, but even world peace itself. People are the interests that are, in outcome, at war against the full world. This is not a statement of opinion: it is set up and properly-shown fact. It is the overwhelmingly documented reality.

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US Calls for Europe Be a part of Its War In opposition to Russia

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