Our Government’s Insane War Device Is Headed for House

If you believe our government’s war policy has turn out to be out-of-this globe cuckoo, take into consideration the spaciness getting proposed by the cosmonauts on Spaceship Trump.

Investing $700 billion a calendar year on retaining the five branches of the U.S. war equipment (not counting the costs of in fact battling all the wars they get into) is not more than enough, they now notify us. So get ready to soar — militarily and budgetarily — into a boundless war theater where by none have gone in advance of: Sure, outer place!

It would seem that Captain Trump himself woke up one morning and abruptly declared that he was bored with the fusty previous Army, Air Power, and so on., so he wished a shiny new sixth armed service branch to participate in with.

Queue the place new music sound outcomes — we’re receiving a “Space Force” to carry America’s war-producing electric power to a cosmic level.

Trump’s loyal lieutenant, Mike “Yes-Man” Pence, immediately saluted, calling Trump’s whim “an strategy whose time has arrive.” America’s military services leaders rolled their eyes at this folly, but they’ve since snapped to interest and are getting ready to start Cap’n Trump’s grandiose space desires.

In a melodramatic speech, Pence declared that the new House Command will “seek peace, in house as on Earth.” Hmmm… that is not extremely comforting.

Nonetheless, he suggests he’s thrilled that Trump’s Place Force will be led by a four-star standard, have its individual bureaucracy with a multibillion-greenback price range, have a individual division to funnel money to company war contractors, and have its very own snappy uniforms. Won’t all that look terrific if Trump ever gets that huge showy army parade he’s been demanding as a tribute to his leadership as a cocktail-place warrior?

The Trumpeteers gush that this extraplanetary extravagance will draw in “America’s finest and bravest” to provide as “warfighters.” Of class, their privileged family members will not have to combat in any of the house wars they are dreaming up for other households to combat.

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Our Government’s Insane War Device Is Headed for House

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