What is the Significance of the Reopening of the UAE Embassy in Damascus. Syria’s “Pivot” towards “Reconciliation” with Saudi Arabia?

It would be foolish to feel that the uber-wealthy UAE requires war-torn Syria much more than the reverse, so the reported reopening of the Emirati Embassy more than possible signals a substantial alter in coverage on Damascus’ behalf and not Abu Dhabi’s, the ramifications of which could be significantly-achieving for the overall region and particularly Iran.

Setting up A Pivot

Al-Masdar Al-‘Arabi (“The Arab Source”, also regarded as AMN), an Alt-Media site that basically features as an unofficial outlet for the Syrian Arab Military (SAA) or at the very least a faction of it, dropped a bombshell report on Wednesday about how the planned reopening of the Emirati Embassy in Damascus is element of Syria’s reconciliation with that nation and its GCC allies in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Contemplating how close AMN is regarded as getting to some of the folks in Syria’s armed forces-intelligence group (which sorts element of its “deep state”), this unique information and facts shouldn’t be treated lightly, nor as “disinformation” from an “unfriendly source”. Somewhat, there’s just about every cause to believe the report and examine the significantly-reaching regional ramifications that it could have if this really arrives to go. So as not to be accused of misportraying its contents, here’s the entirety of what AMN exposed to the world on Wednesday:

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Syrian Arab Republic are doing work through back channels by using the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to attain a political reconciliation, a supply in Damascus stated on Wednesday. In accordance to the resource, the Syrian govt has been in conversations with the UAE, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia with regards to political reconciliation. The resource reported that the Syrian federal government and the Gulf nations have been in discussion about the Muslim Brotherhood’s presence in the location and their need to defeat their ideology. The 1st phase in this reconciliation was the reopening of the UAE embassy in Damascus soon after closing far more than six many years ago. When asked about Syria’s romance with Iran, the resource mentioned that the Persian Gulf country was not concerned in the talks. With the war winding down in Syria, Damascus is hoping for the Arab League to elevate their suspension and resume endeavours to champion the peace settlement.”

What is specifically exciting about this report is that it exclusively alleges that Iran wasn’t involved in these talks, suggesting that this may well have been finished truly independently of Syria’s armed forces ally and consultant of a type of pivot at its perceived (essential word) strategic price. After all, the UAE and Saudi Arabia are infamously bombing Iran’s “kindred spirits” in Yemen and Riyadh even dispatched an crisis army pressure to Bahrain in 2011 to quell an rebellion by Iran’s fellow co-confessionals there, so getting into into talks with this overtly anti-Iranian alliance would understandably perturb Tehran. That claimed, it is Syria’s sovereign correct to carry out its diplomacy nonetheless it feels in good shape to pragmatically progress its countrywide pursuits, and “rebalancing” towards the GCC would not be shocking when bearing in head that Damascus employed to be notably shut to the bloc right before 2011. In truth, President Assad even been given the prestigious “Order of King Abdulaziz” in 2009 that was also bestowed upon Putin, Obama, and Trump.

Demanded Reading through

In advance of going any further, it is incredibly probably that the normal Alt-Media buyer is thoroughly taken aback by what AMN noted since of how heavily they were being indoctrinated around the years into believing simplistic dogma about Intercontinental Relations, these as the meant impossibility of Damascus ever coming into into a rapprochement with some of the really similar countries that were being dependable for the HybridWar of Terror on Syria in the to start with spot, permit alone at the perceived (important word) strategic expenditure of its Iranian ally that solidly stood by its aspect this entire time. The point of the matter is that world-wide affairs are infinitely a lot more intricate than how they’re commonly presented to the masses, specifically by internet websites that continue to be in enterprise by catering to their readers’ wishful pondering and earning advertising and marketing income from their recurring visits, to say absolutely nothing of the donations that they acquire from individuals who are fundamentally spending to retain their favored “echo chamber” a “safe space”.

For those who are intrigued in acquiring a grip on the nitty-gritty strategic specifics of what’s actually been likely on in Syria in excess of the past calendar year, the author strongly endorses looking through or at minimum skimming by means of 3 of his most the latest analyses:

The main notion getting conveyed is that Syria is actually at a political crossroads correct now which is a lot far more profound than how a lot of have portrayed it. Though the kinetic (military services) stage of the country’s conflict is drawing to a close, the non-kinetic (political) 1 is swiftly heating up as all sides contend to impact the ongoing constitutional reform system that will identify “the rules of the game” for many years. The 3 most essential details of competition are the post-Daesh rivalry among “Israel” and Iran in the Arab Republic, the great activity of funding the country’s reconstruction, and the question of “decentralization”, all of which are now currently being managed by way of Russia’s adroit “balancing” act in between all players but which yet have to have a definite resolution a single way or the other as shortly as probable. The current point out of affairs cannot have on indefinitely, so Syria’s achievable pivot to the GCC could be Damascus’ envisioned way out of this harmful impasse.

“Inconvenient” Context

It is not well-known to say, but Syria can’t realistically continue to count on Iran’s military services guidance endlessly. As a sovereign state, Syria in a natural way wants to reacquire the capability to guarantee its have stability with small foreign guidance, and Iran’s armed service intervention there at the democratically elected and legit government’s request has fairly considerably presently fulfilled its official anti-terrorist uses. That’s also why AMN not long ago documented that the SAA is getting ready to discharge thousands of troops who performed additional than five a long time of support “as the armed forces attempts to shift to put up-war Syria, which will count much more on law enforcement units and much less on infantry and armored staff.” Which is comprehensible for the two functional “peacekeeping” reasons and the quite possible probability that Iranian funds to the SAA are expected to dry up right after the US’ reimposed sanctions start to have an affect on its target’s financial state, so it is much better to begin the decommissioning method now even though there’s however time to execute it in an structured trend.

A further position to maintain in thoughts is that “Israel” ramped up its rhetoric in opposition to Syria above the previous week by threatening to strike it when all over again on the alleged foundation that the IRGC and Hezbollah are carrying out activities there versus its “national” passions (e.g. setting up missile factories, and so forth.), even heading as far as hinting that it would assault the S-300s if they focus on its jets irrespective if Russian servicemen are present at the time. As “politically incorrect” as it is to say, Russia and “Israel” are however allies even in spite of the tragic spy plane incident that transpired in mid-September, as confirmed by their ongoing navy coordination with a person yet another, ongoingfree of charge trade talks with the Eurasian Union, and even Russia finalizing an settlement to allow for “Israelis” to adopt its youngsters (a privilege that it wouldn’t at any time grant to a “hostile” entity). It is thus inconceivable that Russia would stand in “Israel’s” way the next time that it chooses to bomb Syria on its alleged anti-Iranian and -Hezbollah pretexts and escalate regional tensions, so Moscow’s preferred “solution” is obviously to “encourage” Syria to take out those people said pretexts.

President Putin’s unofficial peace system for Syria aims to have Damascus request the “phased withdrawal” of Iranian and Hezbollah forces from the country on the “face-saving” basis that they are leaving as heroes following the successful summary of their anti-terrorist mission, which would satisfy “Israel’s” “security concerns” and could also see Russia’s new Saudi and Emirati associates going in to “fill the void”. The GCC’s leaders may possibly also importantly present significantly-necessary reconstruction aid to the state that Iran is incapable of granting, and Russia could have even clinched a deal with the UAE to participate in a much more critical role in its Soviet-period “sphere of influence” in excess of South Yemen in trade for facilitating the Emirates’ entry into Syria and possibly finding Damascus to “decentralize” command around the Gulf-motivated Northeast. Also, as observed in AMN’s primary report, the GCC could possibly assistance Syria do away with the last ideological remnants of the Turkish-backed Muslim Brotherhood, which is in their collective pursuits.

Concluding Ideas

Although the reopening of an embassy could not ordinarily seem like a great deal, the scenario of the UAE’s prepare to reportedly do just that in Damascus is truly considerably far more significant than the relaxed observer could possibly feel, specially immediately after the Syrian “deep state”-related AMN uncovered that this could possibly be the opening phase of a significantly much larger pivot to the GCC countries. Whilst showing at first glance to be towards Iran’s pursuits, the opposite may be accurate if just one accepts that Tehran cannot proceed indefinitely funding its armed service mission to the Arab Republic underneath the US’ sanctions tension and that its post-Daesh presence there is “provoking” Russia’s ”Israeli” ally to escalate the predicament to the issue of quite possibly reversing all the stabilizing gains that had been produced in the nation over the past a few decades. The argument can be manufactured that it’s superior for Syria to ask for Iran’s “phased withdrawal” beneath the “face-saving” pretext of leaving as heroes than to bear the implications of keeping its forces in the state soon after their primary mission has been finished.

Iran simply cannot afford the military and financial charges of battling a lopsided proxy war with “Israel” in Syria even if it serves the political function of briefly distracting its inhabitants from the predicted worsening of their dwelling conditions in the course of the training course of the US’ reimposed sanctions regime, nor does Damascus even want this conflict to choose put on its territory exactly at the point when so substantially has been reached about the past couple of several years and a so-named “political solution” is last but not least in sight. Syria isn’t “betraying” Iran because the two previously signed a armed service offer about the summertime and will go on to cooperate in a “normal” capability, but it is just that Damascus may well have arrived at the conclusion that the reconstruction help that it could attain from the GCC is really worth downscaling that precise aspect of its strategic partnership with the Islamic Republic if it was currently proving to be “troublesome” as it is. Basically set, this possibly Russian-brokered pivot may well preserve Iran revenue, direct to a windfall of support for Syria, and enduringly “stabilize” the predicament.

There are also multisided “balancing” procedures at perform here also, supplied that Syria does in fact pivot towards the GCC like AMN recommended. Just as Russia is proving by itself to be a masterful “balancer” in bringing jointly and managing a assorted set of actors in approaches that constantly get the job done out to its individual reward, so much too may well Syria be next in its main “patron state’s” pioneering footsteps by trying to find to emulate this Hyper-Realist interests-driven “balancing” technique. Damascus would be diversifying its worldwide partnerships further than its erstwhile binary “dependence” on Moscow and Tehran, following the former’s guide in downscaling the military services dimension of its ties with the latter in purchase to court docket generous reconstruction aid from the GCC and situation by itself to much more correctly counter the Turkish-backed Muslim Brotherhood’s influence that still remains in the state. By its really character, and getting careful not to present this as being anti-Iranian in any condition of sort, this pivot would open up up plenty of write-up-war strategic selections for Syria and is almost certainly why it’s being pursued.


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This report was originally published on Eurasia Upcoming.

Andrew Korybko is an American Moscow-based mostly political analyst specializing in the connection between the US system in Afro-Eurasia, China’s A single Belt A person Street worldwide vision of New Silk Street connectivity, and Hybrid Warfare. He is a frequent contributor to Worldwide Exploration.

Featured image is from Al-Masdar News.

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What is the Significance of the Reopening of the UAE Embassy in Damascus. Syria’s “Pivot” towards “Reconciliation” with Saudi Arabia?

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