Louis C.K. Derides University Taking pictures Survivors, Gender Identity In Leaked Stand-up Tape

Louis C.K. is in very hot drinking water—again.

The comic could be listened to producing fun of learners that survived faculty shootings and youthful individuals that use they/them pronouns in a leaked audio tape from his December 16th stand-up. Although the full material was eliminated from YouTube, clips of the offensive set hit Twitter.

The 51-year-aged comedian commences the set by railing towards “political correctness,” and Twitter buyers speedily pointed out the similarities amongst Louis’ most recent substance and any other correct-wing comedian complaining about “snowflakes.”

“I’m a tiny dissatisfied in the young technology, honestly,” he can be heard stating in the video clip above. “I’m 51 years old, and when I was like 18, in my 20’s, we had been idiots. We were getting large we have been undertaking fucking mushrooms and shit. Older men and women have been like, ‘You gotta get your shit collectively and we ended up like fuck you!’ I was fired up to be in my 50’s and see persons in their 20’s and be like, ‘You’re mad!’ But they’re not. They’re fucking dull, going, ‘You should not say that!’ What are you? An outdated woman?”

The disgraced comedian then went just after the pronouns folks would like to be called, acknowledging that there are some who would like to be dealt with as they or them.

“They’re like royalty. They inform you what to get in touch with them,” the comedian mentioned, in a sneering tone. “‘You must tackle me as they, them. For the reason that I identify as gender neutral.’ All right, you need to deal with me as ‘there’ since I identify as a locale. And the place is your mother’s cunt. It won’t have to be that unpleasant but it can be.”

The Louie star then established his sights on the survivors of faculty shootings. “They testify in entrance of Congress, these kids? What are they undertaking? You are youthful! You should really be mad! You should be unhinged! Not in a go well with. You are not intriguing,” he explained, referencing the survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Superior Faculty taking pictures. “Since you went to a higher college exactly where children acquired shot? Why does that signify I have to hear to you? Why does that make you attention-grabbing? You did not get shot. You pushed some extra fat kid in the way and now I have obtained to pay attention to you chatting?”

Louis C.K. admitted to sexual misconduct in opposition to 5 women who came ahead in November 2017.

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Louis C.K. Derides University Taking pictures Survivors, Gender Identity In Leaked Stand-up Tape

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