Chuck & Nancy – Putting The “Nanny” Into The Nanny Condition

Authored by James Howard Kunstler via,

Swamp Thang

Chuck and Nancy coming on to the Television audience as “Mommy and Daddy” Tuesday evening was a wonderful gag, placing the “nanny” into the Nanny Condition, which is having more and far more like the Tranny State — the Deep Condition in drag. Will the provide of “undocumented” nannies be reduce off to the Inventive Classniks of Brooklyn and Pacific Heights? That is the query. Not this foolish-ass debate around The Wall. Who is going to observe the kids when we’re out taking pleasure in the pickled squid tentacles at Karumazushi? How about the NSA? They’re watching everything and everybody else.

Regardless of the antics of all the CNN “panelists” with their hair on fireplace more than The Wall, the general public now surely will get the real drift of the predicament: The Left does not want to control comings-and-goings alongside the US-Mexico border. Not the least small little bit.

The rationale is very well-understood too: the DNC sights everyone coming across as a opportunity constituent, as nicely as a house staff. The craven Republicans in congress have hardly peeped up on the issue, either, with sheep’s eyes on the Hispanic voter bloc. So, it’s up to the Ballbuster-in-Chief — a.k.a. the Golden Golem of Greatness — to attract a line in the sand of the Sonoran Desert.

Anything there is that does not like a wall,” wrote America’s flinty previous poet, Robert Frost, who browse yet another poem that chilly January working day so prolonged in the past at John Kennedy’s inauguration called The Present Outright, saying, “The land was ours right before we ended up the land’s….”

Wow and whoa!  If the old hen mentioned that these days, he’d get a “guidance” warning letter from the Justice Department’s Division of Civil Legal rights and Rachel Maddow’s pretty adams apple would bob out of handle while she screeched “Racist! Racist!” The Nobel Laureate Bob Dylan put it properly, far too: “Things have changed…” he said.

Unspoken in the barrage of chatting factors is this tactical consideration: Chuck and Nancy, in their calculated intransigence, are maneuvering to generate an impeachable offense versus Mr. Trump the minute he moves to declare an “emergency” and grabs some cash from an govt agency money-box to commence his wall-setting up. The subject would go instantly to the federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals – which will rule versus Mr. Trump – and we’ll be off to the impeachment races. It could be too much to suppose that Mr. Trump talked to a handful of lawyers about this, but who understands what goes on beneath the glittering golden halo?

Backstage, the Democratic Bash may possibly be acquiring a little nervous about the Mueller Investigation, now that the only evidence for “collusion with Russia” points to Mrs. Clinton, the DNC, and Barack Obama — and there is lots and a lot of challenging evidence for that, currently catalogued and submitted. At some issue there will be a courtroom proceeding over these points, even if it can take put in the US Senate in an impeachment trial, and some jury is heading to have to see all that evidence. So much, Mr. Mueller has managed to disregard it, but that may modify when William Barr is sworn in as Legal professional Normal in a number of weeks — however Barr and Mueller are noted to be really near close friends. It is the Swamp, immediately after all, a steaming hotbed of treachery. In any case, there are numerous other federal attorneys at the DOJ who have very little to do with, and no obligation to, Mr. Mueller, and they could have a distinctive perspective of the goings-on in RussiaGate these past two a long time.

Individually, I assume Mr. Mueller and a number of his colleagues will have to respond to to grand juries themselves in the months in advance. A worm is turning deep under the Deep Condition. As soon as the imbecile Jerrold Nadler, Chair of the Residence Judiciary Committee, lbs . his gavel to start the impeachment hearings, the subsequent go of the Ballbuster-in-Main may well be to insert an “all-is-lost” instant in the Democratic Party’s lame script. He nevertheless hasn’t declassified and launched reams of now redacted documents from the two-year orgy of seditious emails and memos in the DOJ lockbox. And with Deputy Legal professional General Rod Rosenstein departing momentarily — a negotiated withdrawal, in my impression, with a get-out-of-jail-cost-free card in the cut price — the route to serious transparency in these opaque issues could finally be cleared. And Mr. Rosenstein may perhaps, ironically, be the only Mueller Crew affiliate who ends up not being indicted. What a crafty rascal he will have to be!

People who don’t believe that in partitions also evidently really do not imagine in boundaries of any type, including the line between appropriate and completely wrong, authorized and unlawful. Without boundaries, there are no rules, in particular the rule of legislation, in the land wherever, currently, anything goes and almost nothing issues. Clown even though he be in so quite a few strategies, it ends up currently being Mr. Trump’s responsibility to assert that boundaries matter.

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Chuck & Nancy – Putting The “Nanny” Into The Nanny Condition

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