Richard Dearlove Aided Blair Get rid of Tens of millions. The Safety Companies Are a Danger to Our Point out and Modern society

When Sir Richard Dearlove was Head of MI6, the Blairites adored him as he accepted the lying File on Iraqi WMD which led to wars, invasion, the loss of life of tens of millions and the destabilisation which continues to wreck the overall Center East. Now, as he writes to Tory constituency chairman advocating the most difficult of challenging Brexits, had they any capacity for self-reflection the Blairites would in all probability be contemplating it was following all not such a good transfer of Tony to appoint the hardest of tough ideal nutters to head our overseas intelligence service.

In my previous write-up, I pointed out how evidence towards me was in fact produced when I opposed the policy of torture and extraordinary rendition. I have stated advert nauseam that, obtaining been in a senior situation in the FCO at the time, I know that Blair’s dossier on Weapons of Mass Destruction was a tissue of deliberate lies, and not just an truthful blunder also it is impossible to read through the Chilcot report without coming to that summary.

The Uk has safety products and services which work dishonestly and illegally. Apparently, I simply cannot say that they are at present out of the management of the Uk federal government the evidence is rather they are prepared to interact in each and every filthy and dishonest trick at the behest of corrupt politicians like Blair.

Dearlove consistently characteristics in the media shilling for maximum Chilly War. His letter yesterday on the hazards of intelligence and protection co-procedure with the EU, as undermining NATO and the United kingdom/US/Five Eyes intelligence arrangements, is basically barking mad. There is no evidence of this by any means. He would make no endeavor to explain the mechanism by which the dire outcomes he predicts will observe. Amusingly plenty of, while these effects are dire to Dearlove, to me they are extremely fascinating. If I believed that May’s withdrawal agreement would undermine NATO and the CIA, I would be out on the streets campaigning for it.

But there is a pretty major place. There is a thing pretty incorrect in truth with the British isles stability companies, which are most undoubtedly not a power for flexibility or justice. That MI6 can be headed by as severe a determine as Dearlove, underlines the danger that the security companies pose to any progressive motion in politics.

If Scotland results in being unbiased, it need to not mirror the repressive British isles safety solutions. Also it will have to be really chary without a doubt of employing any individual at the moment working for the Uk safety products and services. If Jeremy Corbyn arrives to power in Westminster, he will under no circumstances accomplish any of his aims in restoring a basic amount of social justice and equality to society in England and Wales, with no innovative change in big institutions which include the protection services.

My own check out on Brexit is that the ideal deal for England and Wales would be EEA and customs union, primarily the Norway alternative. It appears to be that the Labour management have in essence acquired that proper, but are building a finish pig’s ear of articulating it, presumably mainly because of their motivation not to antagonise their anti-immigrant voters.

Scotland demonstrably has a robust and strengthening professional-EU bulk and this is the sensible time for Scotland to go to Independence, with the assurance of sturdy global guidance. I trust the Scottish authorities is at last likely to go decisively in that route within the following thirty day period.


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Richard Dearlove Aided Blair Get rid of Tens of millions. The Safety Companies Are a Danger to Our Point out and Modern society

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