Top secret Russian-Kurdish Negotiations in Moscow: Turkey Has Defined Its Solutions and Washington Is Seeking to Gain Time

Key negotiations are ongoing in Moscow and Damascus among associates of the Syrian Kurdistan Workers’ Get together (PKK) and Russian officers regarding the fate of Kurdish militants in Syria. The Kurdish delegation is hoping that Russia – and not the US – will adopt the job of guarantor of their basic safety and is hoping to achieve a couple of extra concessions to lessen their losses when the Syrian governing administration forces regains full command of al-Hasaka province in Northeast Syria. 

This will take place only when the US establishment lastly decides to pull out its previous soldier and finishes its occupation of al-Hasaka. PKK representatives have offered a “road map” meant to consist of promises of protection, the sharing of wealth and the safety of borders with Turkey. The US is striving to offload duty for the Kurds’s protection onto Turkey, even though Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has rebuffed US requests to offer this kind of defense to his PKK enemies in Syria. Erdogan is evidently placing his strategic-professional alliance with Russia ahead of his turbulent NATO alliance with the United states of america.

The Kurdish militant team regarded variously asYPG, the People’s Security Units, and the PKK (Syrian department) is persuaded the time has come to climb off the US’s shoulders on to Russian kinds since Washington has decided to fall them off the Turkish cliff. Nonetheless, Syrian officials are also identified to give no concessions to the Kurds notwithstanding the Russian mediation with Damascus.

The militants Kurds of Syria have only now begun to realise how vulnerable their posture is: they are weaker than ever because of to the US final decision to withdraw and the naïve requests – formulated by both US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Countrywide Security Advisor John Bolton – for Ankara to offer you defense to its sworn enemies. It looks like officers in Washington have no strategies for the Kurds. In fact, although the US is expressing problem about the Kurds it would like any person else to glimpse immediately after them. The US reveals very little appreciation for the sacrifices created by YPG militants – who have acted as human shields for the American forces all through their time in al-Hasaka province in northeast Syria – and the hundreds of casualties they have suffered. Even worse, Trump laughed about Kurdish combating capabilities by sarcastically declaring the Kurds “fight improved when we fight with them and when we deliver 30 F-18’s in entrance of them”.

So the Kurds have eventually learned their lesson and would like to be part of the Syrian point out. They have found the globe watching – impotently, unwilling to intervene in opposition to Turkey – the exodus of hundreds of thousands from Afrin. They have read Trump’s decision to abandon them. With his departure their desire of Rojava, the lengthy awaited Kurdish condition, evaporates.

For Damascus, experienced Turkey occupied the north of Syria, it would have been possible to exert diplomatic and worldwide leverage on Ankara to pressure its departure from Syrian territory. At the exact time, it would have been just about extremely hard for the Syrian governing administration to drive an early departure of the US forces experienced these set up them selves in Afrin or al-Hasaka, providing a platform for Israel to use the Levant by benefitting from American infrastructure in the area.

President Bashar al-Assad has claimed to the Russian negotiators that

“Syria belongs to all Syrians and the Kurds are part of Syria. Thus they really should not enjoy far more or less rights than any other citizens. They will be supplied identities but are not entitled to any unique concessions”.

In addition, Assad has agreed not to take into account the Kurds as traitors regardless of their safety of the US profession forces. He has insisted that the only drive operating on the countrywide territory be the one belonging to the Syrian military underneath the regulate of the central authorities.

The Kurds welcomed the Syrian military in the spot still less than their management. Turkey has acknowledged to continue to keep its forces and people of its Syrian proxies absent from Manbij as long as the Kurdish militants are disarmed. Russia proposed and acquired the withdrawal of the Kurdish forces, re-developing its observation posts, patrolling west of Manbij. Erdogan still hopes to arrive at a deal more than North Syria for the duration of his forthcoming assembly with President Putin, envisioned sometime in January. The existence of thousands of Syrian jihadists and armed proxies at the gates of Manbij is further more weakening the Kurdish negotiation situation. They have no other spot to search for refuge but in Damascus.

President Erdogan has managed to retain a balance among his associations with Moscow and Washington even if his options in Syria seem already produced. Russia features a steady resilient and equivalent economic and strategic partnership with Turkey while the US has no dependable good friends at all, only typical pursuits. Also, the US forces have armed the Kurdish militants, the enemies of Turkey, wherever Russia will agree to disarm them and place an finish to their military electricity. Trump’s apparent willingness to revoke any deal (the Iranian nuclear arrangement) or give up on his allies (the Kurds) is serving to to thrust Turkey into Russia’s arms.

If the US agrees to donate the weapons it has equipped the Kurds with, this arsenal will happily conclusion up in the Syrian military inventory. If not, the Kurds will be vulnerable to the 1500 remaining ISIS fighters on the Euphrates river, notably if the US disarms the Kurds and pulls out prior to the arrival of the Syrian army. The forces of Damascus and their allies have eradicated tens of hundreds of ISIS militants in many metropolitan areas, villages and in the Syrian steppe, and this without the reward of 30 US F-18’s. The finish of ISIS command of Syrian territory will be a activity-changer in the Levant even if its “hit and run” insurgency will not disappear so simply. The aspiration of setting up an “Islamic State” in the Levant and Mesopotamia is, like “Rojava”, an unachievable and deserted aim.

The US claims it will continue to be all-around the al-Tanf crossing involving Iraq and Syria. The establishment’s excuse for this existence has been to cease the Tehran-Baghdad-Damascus-Beirut bridge. Iran has been supplying Syria with weapons for over seven yrs of intensive multi-front steady war. It has provided Hezbollah with weapons and finance from 1982 until finally now. The US existence may disturb a achievable railway or land road in between Iran and Lebanon but simply cannot disrupt the proven supply of weapons. The charge of air or sea cargo is in fact larger but so as well are the expenditures of a prolonged US existence at al-Tanf, in the middle of the Syrian-Iraqi desert. The US is trying to achieve time in Syria: in truth it is just squandering it.


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Top secret Russian-Kurdish Negotiations in Moscow: Turkey Has Defined Its Solutions and Washington Is Seeking to Gain Time

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