Viva La Revolution! Fidel Castro’s Grandson Flaunts Prosperity On Instagram

Tony Castro Ulloa, the grandson of previous Cuban chief Fidel Castro, just lately posted images of his non-public lifestyle on a private Instagram account showing frequent visits all over the world, driving luxury automobiles, sailing on superyachts, and eating at high-priced dining establishments.

The shots, posted numerous months back, have sparked outrage on social media soon after Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald posted them. 

The decadent lifestyle of Tony Castro is not sitting properly with a lot of Cubans on the island or exiled in South Florida, who say most Cubans reside on an normal wage of $30 a thirty day period and rationed food. 

“All the animals are equal, but some are more equal than many others,” Pedro Pérez wrote on his Facebook site, the Miami Herald reported.  The quotation is from George Orwell’s “Animal Farm,” which is banned in Cuba. 

Castro family members associates barely show their faces in general public, except Antonio Castro and now his son Tony. 

Antonio is an orthopedic surgeon, and his son is a model, which has led some people today on social media to assume the lavish pictures are from photograph shoots. 

In 2015, Antonio was photographed near a Greek resort island of Mykonos, aboard a superyacht in Bodrum, Turkey, wherever he rented 5 luxurious suites in one particular of the most pricey motels, according to media reviews.

The Miami Herald stated Tony is a massive traveler. His shots on Instagram demonstrate him in Mexico, Spain, Panama, and various areas in Cuba. His girlfriend accompanied him on the journeys.

The first public displays of Tony was in  2016 as Chanel was preparing for a fashion present along Havana’s well-known Prado Boulevard. 

The 1959 Cuban Revolution was led by Tony’ grandfather dictator Fidel Castro who went on to rule the state for five many years until his demise in 2016. 

By 1962, Fidel implemented a ration food system that most Cuban families nonetheless depend on today for their food stuff ingestion.

Final thirty day period, Cuba’s next-in-command, President Miguel Díaz-Canel, stated “the influence of the embargo, which has strengthened below the Trump administration,” has triggered a nationwide scarcity of bread, eggs, and other essential goods. 

When numerous Cubans are dealing with a foodstuff lack across the communist nation, it guaranteed seems that Tony’s lavish life style, exposed by American media shops, could not settle nicely in the empty stomachs of Cubans. 


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Viva La Revolution! Fidel Castro’s Grandson Flaunts Prosperity On Instagram

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