Complete List of Low Carb Diet Foods to Avoid and to Take

Complete List of Low Carb Diet Foods to Avoid and to Take

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We can understand what low carb diet is. It is a diet with low carbohydrates intake, which means the dieters need to restrict the carbohydrates. In another word, the dieters are likely to have some foods with a low carb but high protein. There are several types of diet. Studies show that this diet, for any kind, can lose weight and improve the entire health.

Let us first see what foods to avoid and to eat.

Before finding the low carb food list of the foods to take and to leave to complete your low carb diet, you need to understand how you make the low carb diet plan. If you don’t, you better consult with a health professional.

The foods to take is in accordance to some factors, including the exercises that you make, your health condition, and how much weight you want to lose.

Low Carb Diet: Foods to Avoid

You must avoid these 7 foods, such as sugar, gluten grains, trans fats, high omega 6 seed & vegetable oils, artificial sweeteners, diet and low-fat products, and highly processed foods. Unhealthy sugar is commonly contained in soft drinks, agave, fruit juices, ice cream, candy, etc.

Avoiding gluten grains for a low carb diet, you need to keep away from wheat, barley and rye, pieces of bread, portions of pasta, and spelling. You should also avoid wholly or partially hydrogenated oils, cottonseed oils, soybean oils, sunflower oils, corn oils, safflower oils, grape seed oils, canola oils, aspartame, cyclamates, acesulfame potassium, cereals, crackers, etc.

Low Carb Diet: Foods to Take

Some foods that are recommended for you for a low carb diet include meat. (beef, pork, lamb, chicken; grass-fed is the best). Fish (salmon, haddock, trout, wild-caught is the best), eggs (you better take pastured eggs or eggs that are rich in omega 3). veggies (spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, etc.).

Fruits (apples, pears, strawberries, blueberries, oranges), nuts & seeds (almonds, sunflower seeds, walnuts, etc.), high-fat dairy (butter, yogurt, heavy cream, cheese), fats & oils (butter, coconut oil, lard, codfish liver oil, and olive oil). If you take low carb diet weight loss, you better control your nuts and cheese consumption.

Only if you are active and healthy enough and don’t focus on losing weight with a low carb diet, the following foods with a bit more carbohydrates can be taken.

They include tubers (potatoes and sweet potatoes), non-gluten grains (quinoa, oats, rice), legumes (pinto beans, black beans, lentils), dark chocolate, and wine.