Fix “rust connection attempt failed”

Rust is a digital multiplayer game which aims to surviving till the last for winning. This video game was launched by Face punch Studios. It charms the players who are actually attracted towards tough fights amidst adventures. In this game players need to fight and survive from nature, zombies, and other misadventures. This game was initially launched as early access in December 2013 and then later as complete access in February 2018. However, somehow the Rust PC version is filled with errors and every now and then comes up with different kinds of issues. This makes playing Rust very inconvenient for the gamers. Windows users are unable to even run the game over Steam sometimes. 

One such error is ‘Connection Attempt Failed’. And users are really struggling to resolve it. So, here we will talk about the rust disconnected error.

The Mandatory System Requirements of Accessing Rust

Rust can be accessed through both Microsoft Windows and macOS. Before we began with the solutions to fix the issue, let’s discuss the mandatory requirements needed to access this game so as to ensure that the issues hindering Rust is not due to the unavailability of the minimum system requirements. These system requirements for launching Rust are:

OS: Windows 7 64bit
Processor: Intel Core i7-3770 / AMD FX-9590 or better
Memory: 10 GB RAM
Graphics: GTX 670 2GB / AMD R9 280 better
Storage: 20 GB available space

Rust Error: ECA Disconnected Error or Connection Attempt Failed

The Rust game presents numerous errors which are faced by the gamers now and then. These errors also hinder the process of launching the game via Steam. And thus, leading the game to crash or shows prompt messages like connection attempt failed or the EAC disconnection error. Certain methods are given below to solve this issue.

Ways To Resolve the Rust Error

Before proceeding, ensure that the Rust software is updated to the latest version and the software through which you access Rust such as Steam client is also up to date according to the latest version available. To update: 

  • Navigate to the ‘Task Manager’.
  • Shut all processes related to Rust or Steam completely. This will close all the background operations.
  • Restart ‘Steam launcher’. This will update the software automatically. 
  • Then, start Rust and locate the Update option.
  1. Verify The Internet Connection of The System

In most of the cases related to the issue of failed rust connection (or any other game) is the lower net speed or unstable signal connection. majority of users tend to ignore their system network signals. So, before opting for any other method first verify whether the internet speed is stable or not. Router users should either power cycle it or try resetting it. After that, set-up the connection by powering ON the router again and try re-launching the game.

  1. Check Out Whether the Game Files Are in A Healthy Condition or Not

Another thing you can do to eradicate the error is by verifying that no software files are missing, corrupted or damaged. To check the game files, follow as per directed below:

  • Open ‘Steam’ on the PC.
  • Navigate to ‘Library’.
  • Scroll the game list to find ‘Rust’.
  • Right-click on the Rust logo.
  • Select on ‘Properties’.
  • Click on ‘Local Files’.
  • Hit on ‘Verify Integrity of Game Files’. The process will end within a few minutes.
  • Finally, restart ‘Steam’.
  • Launch ‘Rust’.
  1. Find Out the Current Status About the Rust Server 

It is always wise to check whether the rust server is working or not from the developers’ side themselves. It is possible that the server for the game is down from the company itself may be because of some technical glitches or maintenance issues. To get the updates about the Rust game server, check out the Down Detector website to find the current information about the game server. You just have to launch the website and search for Rust. It will give every update related to the game server status or any possible issues in that.


Now, that you know that way out from one of the Rust game’s most common error, enjoy playing without any hinderance. Also, the reason behind such errors can be both in game software or the PC hardware. So, always check for problems in PC and software both.